What is Via Ferrata

The landscape visible from the Plan Praz Via Ferrata.

The landscape visible from the Plan Praz Via Ferrata.

Rock Climbing For Tourists

Via Ferrata (VF) is rock climbing for tourists. It is a method by which non rock climbers can ascend a cliff with a minimum of training and effort. Hand holds and foot holds are placed within easy reach of these others. Participants in this activity benefit from a new perspective on the landscape and learn to handle their fear of heights and move at the group’s rate rather than their own.


Hand holds and foot holds vary in via ferrata, there are staples, pedals and spikes. Staples are the most common on most VFs. Pedals can be found also be found. Spikes are simply rods that have been drilled in to the rock. To the right or left of the VF are metal cables. These metal cables are the via ferrata safety line. A via Ferrataist is always connected by at least one carabiner at all times.

The cable is attached to the rock every two or three metres. If someone should fall while exploring a VF they will only fall one or two metres. Via Ferrata equipment designed to today’s safety norms is designed so that beyond a specified force load it unravels and serves as a parachute to dampen and stop an individual’s fall.

Safe and enjoyable

This is a safe and enjoyable sport with routes suited to an individual’s abilities. When you look up via ferrata locations you will find information about how physical they are, how high up they are, how well equipped they are as well as the walking time to and from the via ferrata. Included is the estimated time that it should take to complete the via ferrata.

Omicron – Ecolint Quarantined

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Walking With Worn Shoes

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An old barn covered in growth

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An old barn covered in growth

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What do snails have to do with chairs, I wondered as I listened to a book speaking about our addiction to sitting and chairs. It turns out that snails and other animals are programmed to move, walk, slither or other in an individual way. He started, by discussing sleeping in ...
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Bookcrossing and A November Walk

Today I went for a slight variant and came across a book dating back to 1930 so of course I picked it up. I like the look and feel of old books. I also like that they carry history. The book is 91, almost 92 years old and it has ...
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