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  • The Illusion That The Pandemic Is Over

    The Illusion That The Pandemic Is Over

    Switzerland is living under the illusion that the pandemic is over. If you look at the data on the RTS website and other sources of information such as Cotrack – Grafana then the pandemic is over. The number of new cases has gone done so if you look at the metrics then it is over. […]

  • A Return to Cycling

    A Return to Cycling

    For three years I did not cycle. For one year it was because I broke my arm while cycling, The second year it was because we were in the first wave of this never-ending pandemic so I preferred not to stray too far from home. The third year it was because the pandemic was still […]

  • A Weekend Walk During a Pandemic

    A Weekend Walk During a Pandemic

    Today I went for my daily walk and I saw a shape. I thought, “That looks like a fox” and as I approached i had a doubt about it being a dog and I felt fear but I continued forward anyway. Eventually the fox noticed me, looked at me and then fled the other way. […]

  • A New Yorker Cartoon, Existentialism and The Absurd

    A New Yorker Cartoon, Existentialism and The Absurd

    Today I saw a picture of a frog sitting in a sauce pan on a cooker speaking to another, saying “I Know the water is heating up but that’s the next generation’s problem” and this can be a comment on a few things. The first, linear comment is of course about global warming and its […]

  • Stormy Skies Near Nyon

    Stormy Skies Near Nyon

    The weather was finally dynamic today. The storm warnings were flashing towards Hermance, on the French side of the lake. This gave a nice contrast between the yellow of the Colza fields and the dark threatening clouds behind. At moments I thought that rain would begin to fall but luckily the doppler radar, and my […]

  • Spring Cycling

    Spring Cycling

    The weather is relatively cold but the sun is out so the time for spring cycling has come. Spring cycling is like other forms of cycling, but you want to dress warm enough to be comfortable, but not so warm as to overheat. You also want to find routes that are short enough so that […]

  • An Interesting Structure In the Mouth of a Cavern.

    I find the image in this tweet interesting. I don’t know the context of this location. I find the wooden building interesting. I also find it interesting to see the lighter patch around where the chimney exhausts. It is something out of the ordinary and could be interesting to see in person. To find out […]

  • Become A JavaScript Developer Completed and GeoJSON

    Become A JavaScript Developer Completed and GeoJSON

    We’re in a pandemic, and it makes sense to invest time in learning. I completed the Become a JavaScript Developer course last night and today I played around with some code to see if it worked for what I wanted. It didn’t. I also listened to a live stream which discussed geojson, smapshot and other […]

  • The Pandemic Groundhog Day – Sisyphean Life

    The Pandemic Groundhog Day – Sisyphean Life

    This week we have the pandemic Groundhog Day and this is the time when we will see if the Sisyphean life continues. Most of Europe is reopening, and although for those who have not read broadly about the pandemic rejoice, others do not. By deciding to reopen now, it is almost certain that next winter […]

  • Confined by Freedom

    Confined by Freedom

    Some of us are confined by freedom. By this I mean that as society is opened up, as people are told that they don’t need to wear masks, that they don’t need to self-isolate and that they don’t need to show covid passes, so the freedom of others is taken away. During a pandemic there […]