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  • A Walk To Los Molinos from Javea

    A Walk To Los Molinos from Javea

    This walk takes you from the Port of Javea up to the lighthouse near San Antonio before continuing along the top towards Los Molinos. These are old grain mills. They used wind power to grind grain for several centuries before being taken out of action as modernisation arrived. The walk takes you along the port […]

  • Reading About The Camino De Santiago

    Over the last month or so I have been reading Le Camino Seule, ou enfin presque and it is one of my favourite hiking books. It might simply be because it was written in French, by a french woman rather than in English by Brits or Americans but it made me feel more than other […]

  • A Walk By The Mediterranean Sea

    A Walk By The Mediterranean Sea

    A walk by the Mediterranean Sea.

  • A Lot of Walking in Circles

    A Lot of Walking in Circles

    People think that you need to get in the car, drive for half an hour to two hours, hike, and then drive home for from half an hour to two hours but this idea is wrong. We can do a lot of walking in circles. In reality we don’t walk in circles. We walk in […]

  • Hiking And Tea

    Hiking And Tea

    This morning, as I was doing laundry, I found that I couldn’t focus so I started to look at all the teas that are available at a local shop. I saw that they had herb teas, mint teas, nettle teas, weed tea and more. I also noticed that tea is cheap. You can get twenty […]

  • A Walk To The Chateau De Bossey

    A Walk To The Chateau De Bossey

    I walked to the Chateau De Bossey today. It’s an easy walk from one village to another and another after that.

  • Views From Les Diablerets

    Views From Les Diablerets

    Today I walked in the mountains for the first time in a long time. It feels good to be back up there.

  • A Saturday Walk During A Pandemic

    Last week it was comfortable and warm so it was tempting to go cycling. This week it has gone back to being cold. Yesterday it was cold and windy and today was cold but sunny. I went for my usual walk but rather than listen to a podcast I watched TikTok videos as I walked […]

  • The Slowness of Public Transport

    Today someone something to the effect “If I go from here to there it will take me two and a half hours so it would require a car.” That’s what I have been saying for years. That’s one of the reasons for which having a sporty life, during the pandemic, is not possible, or at […]

  • Hiking in Switzerland

    Hiking in Switzerland

    In 2019 Swiss people spent 162 million hours walking and hiking in Switzerland. Hiking generates 2.5 billion CHF per year and there are 50,000 signs to help people find their way. In Switzerland people hike 20 times per year. I go for a two to three hour walk/hike every single day and as a result […]