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  • A Rainy Day Without Walking

    Today the weather app said that it would start raining at 1500 so I didn’t go out for a walk. In the end the rain started at around 1630 or even later. I could have gone for a walk and I could have come back dry or almost dry. For years I went for walks […]

  • A Cloudy Sky

    A Cloudy Sky

    Today as I walked from one village to another I looked up the hill and I saw a cloud arch framing a nearby village and I had to take a picture. The framing of the image was rather unique. It is below. Is it kitsch? There is a good chance. It was unique, so I […]

  • I Don’t Need to Go For A One And a Half Hour Walk

    I Don’t Need to Go For A One And a Half Hour Walk

    “I don’t need to go for a one and a half hour walk. I said that to a neighbour before my walk. I could have cut it short, if it started to rain too heavily. Paradoxically for most of the walk it was grey and drizzling. Nothing to worry about. I was almost dry for […]

  • Chickens In The Rain

    Chickens In The Rain

    Chickens in the rain, for a change.

  • Beware The Storms

    Beware The Storms

    They announced rain and storms but we hardly ever get either in this part of Switzerland. I wasn’t going to use this blog for short posts but I can’t focus.

  • Rain and Water Tables

    Rain and Water Tables

    There is an article on Swiss Radio and Television that discusses the positive impact that the flooding has had on the water tables. For several years not only have we had warm weather but we have also gone with very little or no rain for months at a time. During some weeks we were told […]

  • Home Before The Storm

    Home Before The Storm

    One of the games I like to play is to look at the weather app and see when the rain is scheduled to arrive. I then estimate whether I will make it home before the rain. I took rain stuff just in case, to keep electronics etc dry but I don’t mind if I get […]

  • A Walk Under Storm Clouds

    A Walk Under Storm Clouds

    Sometimes you look at the sky above you and you think that walking underneath it is not wise because a storm could break but you remember that you saw that rain should not come before 1800 so you take the risk and you go for a walk. You look towards Geneva and you see that […]

  • The Dynamism Of Light – Walking on a Cloudy Day

    The Dynamism Of Light – Walking on a Cloudy Day

    If we did not have seasons, and weather, then walking the same route several times a week would get boring. Thanks to the weather we see plants get sown, we see them grow, we see them harvested, and then we see new plants planted. Over time, we recognise plants at an earlier and earlier stage […]

  • Day 57 of Self-Isolation in Switzerland – Another Walk In The Rain.

    Walking in heavy rain for two and a half hours doesn’t make much sense. You don’t see much. The more time you spend outside the more of you is wet, and by the time you get home you’re cold and in need of warming up. It’s day 57, the 11th of May. In theory Switzerland […]