Hong Kong Films

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Once Upon a Time in China BoxThis is a Hong Kong film starring Jet Li as Wong Fei-hun who is fighting for the rights of his people whom are being sent as slaves to California. At the same time he must save his Aunt from Chinese forces coming into conflict with the slave traders armed with firepower.
The OneIn a world of Parallel universes each time a version of yourself is killed the remaining versions gain power. In this movie one particular version aims to become “The One”Watch Jet Li in a fight sequence against himself 
Blade of FuryBeginning with a beautiful sword display this film is one of my favorites. Based on a warrior whom is living a calmer life but is encouraged by a minor government official to become more active. In so doing he becomes a target himself. All in all the film’s characters are very interesting and honor plays an important in this particular film. The fight choreography is also worthwhile with particularly interesting moments. 
Drunken MasterDrunken Master starring Jackie Chan as the rebellious son of a Kung Fu master is sent to see So Hi whom is another Kung Fu master. He begins training with this master and at the beginning the treatment looks harsh but as the film progresses we see the value of the “Drunken” style of Kung Fu. The level of the martial arts are astounding and there are many moments of comedy interspersed throughout the movie. 
Kiss of the DragonChina is smuggling drugs into Paris and Liu Jian, an undercover Chinese cop finds himself in trouble and running from the law whilst trying to reset the status quo. The play between Jet Li and Bridget Fonda add a more human feel to the movie allowing for a more balanced film.There are some good fight sequences and it’s refreshing to see Paris in a movie. 
Gen-X Cops Set in contemporary Hong Kong a new order is being formed within the criminal underworld. Three young police recruits lose their position within the service but are then used in a special operation to remove the current head of the criminal underworld. There are many challenges along the way from the police and the criminal under world making it hard for them to achieve their mission.
 Twin DragonsTwo twins (Jackie Chan) from different backgrounds, one more of a player and the other a famous musician find themselves in Hong Kong and accidentally trade roles. A comical film to entertain the viewer 
Zu: Warriors of the Magic Mountain A fantastical tale told in the 10th Century directed by Tsui Hark. A new world order is being formed and elements from the demon world are coming back to claim earth as their own.