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  • La Lipdub des Francofous après la meetup lausannoise.

    Merçi au francofous qui sont venu. On s’est bien amuser ce weekend. Voila ce que font les seesmiceurs quand ils s’y mettent 🙂

  • Swiss seesmic meetup

    I’m sitting on the balcony with a view of the Lac Leman (lake geneva) after a good evening spent with many of the Francofous, French seesmicers. More videos will appear over the length of the day.

  • Back from Paris

    I’m back from Paris and what you can expect from me this week are a post with two or three short video clips of people exposing what they discussed at Podcamp uk as well as two or three amusing videos from the Paris Seesmic meetup.

  • The Paris Seesmic meetup

    Next Saturday I’ll be catching the TGV to Paris to meet with a few friends from the Seesmic community. I had planned to do this for over two months but never got the opportunity due to various events. It’s fun to go to meet people who you know via online social networks because of the […]

  • Twitter IRL

    Last night I went to the London twitter meetup and enjoyed the event. I’m used to going out and hearing people talk about music and other things but here is a community that was talking about technology and internet-based activities. Sizemore and Trusted Places organised the event which took place at the Ishtar restaurant. As […]

  • First London Twitter Meetup In a Week

    In a week’s time the first London twitter meetup will take place at Ishtar. For more information go here. Twitter is a text-based discussion that takes place 140 characters at a time via messenger, web, mobile phones, and browsers. It’s better simply to try twitter and see how people are using it.