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e Were SoldiersVietnam War film based on a book by Lt. Col. Harold Moore starring Mel Gibson. The film is about a group of soldiers whom are dropped in a location from which they draw heavy fire. They are aiming to survive as long as possible before re-enforcements may come to relieve them. Among the people there is a journalist and this character’s evolution throughout the film is a powerful element of the film. It’s a good film which I would recommend to anyone whom likes the Genre 
Black Hawk DownBlack Hawk Down is a beautifully edited film. Winner of an Oscar for best film directing we see beautiful shots of “Hawks” taking the five minute flight into Mogadishu in Somalia. What was meant to be a routine mission turns into a disaster as the operation took place during the day. The streets erupt with fighting and the American Soldiers are pinned down for what will become more than 20hrs. The film was so powerful I decided to read the book and the book written by Mark Bowden is a really good read
Empire of the SunEmpire of the Sun, an early Steven Spielberg and one of the most powerful is the story of a young boy whom is separated from his parents after the Japanese attacked the city in which he was living. The way in which he is transported into a prisoner camp. The cinematography and story telling of this film are amazing.  
Apocalypse NowA solider whom awaits special operations is lying in his room waiting for the next mission, worrying about how weak he is becoming with no fighting. He is soon rewarded with a mission to surpass all over. Involving Ride of the Valkyries with ten helicopters or more and surfing whilst fighting is still taking place this film stands out from the rest.
M*A*S*H (Five Star Collection)M*A*S*H is an anti war film made during the Vietnam war using the Korean war as a backdrop to criticize America’s involvement in Vietnam. If you’d like to find out more then read an essay I wrote whilst a student in EnglandTo what extent does genre theory, knowledge of technology at the time and understanding of the socio-political situation in America and Vietnam contribute to an understanding of M*A*S*H?
Full Metal JacketA Stanley Kubrik film about a training camp for soldiers going off to the Vietnam war. A look at training for service at the front. Very powerful imagery and worth watching at least once.   
The Dirty DozenA colonel is asked to train troupes for a suicide mission. The dirty dozen are convicts who have been forced into the service and because they are expendable they are being trained for this mission. 
The Longest DayThe Longest day is a beautiful master piece of film making history. It profiles several divisions as they prepare for the D-Day landings and then go to war. A very interesting and powerfull vision of what it may have been like for the troops at the time of the landings.
Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (Special Edition) (1964)A Stanley Kubrik film based around the Doomsday device. It is based around the Cold War when the Soviets and Americans are at defcon 2 because some planes have started flying towards Soviet targets. There is the ever present danger that world War III may start. Some of the people at the highest position in the government have become crazy and it is a challenge to inform all planes to come back to base thereby avoiding nuclear war. 
Enemy at the GatesDuring the 2nd World War a battle was taking place between the Germans and Russians for the city of Stalingrad. The capture of this city is of great propaganda value. Vasiliev is a small boy from the Caucasus who has learnt the art of sharp shooting. He becomes a propaganda tool for the Soviets. One of the top German marksmen is called in to kill Vasiliev. This film is the tale of these two individuals in a sea of people fighting for many years in a row. The cinematography and editing within this film are among the most powerful I have seen in recent films and I would recommend that everyone watches this film. 
Saving Private RyanSteven Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan is known for the realism of the scenes, everyone remembers them. During the 6th of June D Day landings in 1944 Private Ryan must be found and taken to safety. All his brothers and his father has died and the military must find him and send him home so that his mother may still have one son alive.
Empire of the SunIn Shanghai during the Second World War a young boy lives with his parents. Unfortunatley Japan gets ready to invade this Island and he is seperated from his parents. Throughout the film we find beautiful cinematography.


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