The Paris Seesmic meetup

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Next Saturday I’ll be catching the TGV to Paris to meet with a few friends from the Seesmic community. I had planned to do this for over two months but never got the opportunity due to various events. It’s fun to go to meet people who you know via online social networks because of the friendships and the inspiration they may provide.

In London whilst looking for work i took great advantage of all these events, trying to go to as many as possible. That’s how I got interested in twitter and so much has grown from that point.

The people in Paris are not unknown to me. I have met Fred of Blugture in London and Virginie from two meetings in Lausanne. Now I’m going to Paris and I’ll see many more seesmicers in person. It’s good fun and you never know what interesting projects and events they may talk about. It’s just fun to meet people who we’ve spent the past few months socialising with online.


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