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  • Driving in the rain

    Yesterday i drove through the rain for two hours at night and it was so demanding that i stopped the audiobook to focus on driving. It was harder to see the lines, and the rain was heavy enough to impact visibility. I made it but i would think twice about driving through such rain at […]

  • Tomorrow I Have The Long Drive

    Tomorrow I have the long drive. For 12 hours or so I will be driving the car with few stops and plenty of time to daydream.

  • Apple Car Play and Roaming

    Apple Car Play and Roaming

    Several years ago I needed to download TomTom and I needed the latest map updates if I wanted to drive from Switzerland to England or from Switzerland to France, or to Spain. Thanks to roaming I now have a much broader choice. TomTom was good in another era, when we had to pay roaming fees. […]

  • Trip Desire

    Trip Desire

    This morning I found that I did have trip desire after all. As I drove out of a village towards the East I found that I had this desire. I did want to go for a long drive, and go on a trip. It has been January 2019 that I haven’t traveled. My reason, before, […]

  • Looking Back In Time

    Looking Back In Time

    For a few days now I’ve been looking through thousands of pictures to make sure that they’re synced from iCloud to the Photo app before they’re deleted. In so doing I noticed how far in front of a group I was hiking a few years ago. Instead of hiking with the group I was so […]

  • Ingress Operation Apache, Covering Geneva in Blue.

    Operation Apache Ingress is a selfless game when you play as a team. The driver gets no AP. Other operators get a few AP for breaking portals. Three individuals gets hundreds of thousands of Mind Units (MU). Rather than feel a sense of achievement I feel fatigue. The first reason is to do with the […]