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  • Keir Starmer’s Speech Today

    This speech reminds us that English democracy is not gone, that there are moral people still around, and that we need to get the current Tory government out of power and go back to having leadership worthy of respect. When you are at events you listen to speech after speech, and they meld into each […]

  • From A Spanish to A Swiss Autumn

    From A Spanish to A Swiss Autumn

    When I left for Spain Switzerland was just starting to turn Autumnal. Today, when I looked around I could see that Autumn has arrived properly in Switzerland. In Spain the sun is still warm enough for t-shirt wearing and swimming. The sun is still strong enough to change our chrominance. Yesterday I drove for around […]

  • Cycling up to La Barillette

    Cycling up to La Barillette

    Cycling over short distances can be a challenge especially when that short distance takes you from the foot of the Jura to the top over 12 kilometres at a 6-10% grade. Cycling up to La Barillette is an endurance test. Perseverance is key. You can start the climb either from Cheserex or Gingins. The climb starts […]