Action Films

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Kill Bill – Vol. 1Kill Bill by Quentin Tarantino is more of an experimental film exploring the manga genre. It’s got some interesting stylistic elements
ScarfaceAn all time Al Pacino classic film. A drug lord builds his way to the top of the group but once he reaches the pinnacle he falls back down. 
GoodfellasAbout a boy who grows into the Mafia and becomes one of the most people around. Shot in a more biographical style starring an all Italian cast to make a good film. 
The Usual SuspectsA person is caught after having committed a crime and describes all the events. A very interestingly turned piece of narration within the film which raises the quality of this film.
SwordfishSwordfish, the story of a bank robbery. It’s a very interesting film because of the time period at which it was released. starring John Travolta
Snake EyesWithin the MGM grand in Las Vegas a boxing match is taking place. Gun shots are fired and a minister is dead. Nicolas Cage must identify the criminal and bring the culprits to justice.
Spy GameA secret service officer played by Brad Pitt finds himself captured by the enemy and is to be executed within a short period of time. Robert Redford plays the part of a seasoned veteran who is about to leave the service but not before his man is back in safe hands. 
Behind Enemy LinesA routine surveillance mission over Serbia goes wrong when an f-16 flies into the no fly zone and is shot down. One pilot survives and must run in order to avoid been caught by the ground troops of the enemy
Training DayStarring Denzel Washington as a seasoned police officer in charge of training Ethan Hawke into the narcotics division of the police. With unorthodox habits ethics must be taken seriously again. 
Fight ClubFight club is about Tyler Durdan, a person whom is interested in one thing, violence. As time progresses what was at first a tiny club becomes a huge organization of crime. The development of the film is very interesting. Camera work, editing and the narration all contribute to make this a compelling piece of film making, easily a cult film.
The MatrixFor all those who thought about where reality and virtual reality merge watch this cult film. Keannu reaves stars as Neo whom needs to help overthrow the computer generated world in which we are now living. A powerful piece of film making although there is unexplored potential in so far as the Internet and WWW are concerned.
The PatriotDuring the American civil war the English were trying to keep their colonies but certain men were more unruly than others. Mel Gibson plays a father whom had already served in wars previously so did not want to serve in this one. When his son is shot he decides that something must be done about the English and engages a militia force to defeat the English. 
Dog SoldiersShot in the United Kingdom on a small budget over a period of a few months this film is a master piece in it’s own right. The plot is well developed and the characters are quite good. It’s nice to see this genre of film carried out in England. It will be available in November.
Remember the TitansA very interesting piece of film making history.