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  • Bird Watching

    Bird Watching

    Sometimes when you go for a walk you spend time watching birds. In the video below you see a flock of gulls flocking around a tractor as it prepares the field for a crop. You see hundred of gulls wait for the tractor to open up the ground and then they rush in to find […]

  • Feeding the Seagulls

    Feeding the Seagulls

    A woman feeding seagulls by the sea.

  • Feeding the Seagulls

    A woman feeding seagulls by the sea.

  • Of Casio and Smart Watches

    Over the last five and a half years I have tracked every walk that I have been on, and I have tracked about five and a half million steps per year. That’s a lot of steps and a lot of going around in clrcles. Going around in clrcles makes tracking walks with smart watches/gps watches […]

  • The Year-Old Pandemic

    Thanks to the incompetence of leadership during this pandemic Switzerland went from a low of 21 cases per day in June 2021 to a high of 3600 or more over Christmas. This is really a shame. For a short period up to the 21st of June Switzerland really looked as if it would end the […]

  • Looking Back In Time

    Looking Back In Time

    For a few days now I’ve been looking through thousands of pictures to make sure that they’re synced from iCloud to the Photo app before they’re deleted. In so doing I noticed how far in front of a group I was hiking a few years ago. Instead of hiking with the group I was so […]

  • Getting Cold On A Scooter

    Getting Cold On A Scooter

    I don’t often spend two hours on a scooter driving from Geneva to Nyon and back, especially not when it’s about 1°c. In such conditions, I’d drive to the closest train station and be done with it. I waited until ten or eleven in the morning to drive. Any earlier and it would have been […]

  • Blobs in Geneva

    Blobs in Geneva

    Today I walked around Geneva and in at least three locations I spotted these blobs guarding various places. These two are guarding the entrance to the old town. I like the contrast between the modern blobs above the gate to the old town of Geneva and the statue of Pictet De Richemond. Two more of […]

  • The Thirty Book Rule

    The Thirty Book Rule

    Marie Kondo’s rule that you should only keep thirty books, that you should only keep those that you personally want to read or enjoy is a silly rule because it encourages people to limit their scope and perspective on the world. Childhood One memory of my childhood is being surrounded by books and being able […]

  • Mouse trap videos

    When I lived by the seaside in England I was told by one of my flat mates that they had seen a rat go into my room and I don’t remember how I felt about it. Rat traps were soon placed to catch them. A few years later I saw a flat mate have the […]