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  • A Walk To The Chateau De Bossey

    A Walk To The Chateau De Bossey

    I walked to the Chateau De Bossey today. It’s an easy walk from one village to another and another after that.

  • A Rebel Sunflower.

    A Rebel Sunflower.

    One sunflower is looking the wrong way. The morning sun is in the other direction.

  • The Unthreatening Clouds

    The Unthreatening Clouds

    The unthreatening clouds did not bother me during my bike ride but it was cooler than sometimes at this time of year. I occasionally felt that an extra layer or two would be welcome. That’s unusual in July at this time of year. I chose routes that kept me as far from cars as possible. […]

  • Beware The Storms

    Beware The Storms

    They announced rain and storms but we hardly ever get either in this part of Switzerland. I wasn’t going to use this blog for short posts but I can’t focus.

  • The Landscape

    The Landscape

    The view is not as good as sometimes. A few clouds but with the haze hiding the Alps today.

  • Rain and Water Tables

    Rain and Water Tables

    There is an article on Swiss Radio and Television that discusses the positive impact that the flooding has had on the water tables. For several years not only have we had warm weather but we have also gone with very little or no rain for months at a time. During some weeks we were told […]

  • The Dynamism Of Light – Walking on a Cloudy Day

    The Dynamism Of Light – Walking on a Cloudy Day

    If we did not have seasons, and weather, then walking the same route several times a week would get boring. Thanks to the weather we see plants get sown, we see them grow, we see them harvested, and then we see new plants planted. Over time, we recognise plants at an earlier and earlier stage […]

  • Experimenting With Minergie

    Minergie is theoretically a fantastic, environmentally friendly way of making a building more energy-efficient, by reducing the need for air conditioning and heating. For three years now I have been playing with and experimenting with minergie. During the first and second heatwaves, I liked to open windows and get fresh air. I found that Minergie […]

  • A Vaccination and A New Car

    I haven’t written about the Pandemic in many weeks, because not much has changed. We’re in it for the long haul. Until the vaccine I believed and hoped that governments would attempt to get to zero new community transmissions as had been the goal in New Zealand. With the arrival of the vaccine that hope […]

  • Nice Clouds on a Windy Day

    Nice Clouds on a Windy Day

    Sometimes you drive home on the scooter and you look up at the sky and you think “When I get out of this village I’m going to stop by the side of the road and I’m going to take a picture of the clouds because they’re photogenic. The reason for them being photogenic today is […]