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AmelieAmelie as it is called in England but “Le Fabuleux Destin D’amelie Poulain is the story of a fairly ordinary girl whom through finding a box full of objects decides to return it to it’s owner. When she sees the effect it has on the owner she decides to begin start helping others. The film is beautifully shot, the editing is very interesting and there are many amusing moments. Having watched the film at least five times I would recommend this as a film to see.  My essay on Amelie Poulain
The History of the World — Part IAn amusing Mel Brooks about the history of the world, featuring dancing nuns, the Spanish inquisition, going to Judea, Vestal virgins and far more. It’s a very amusing film to watch
Airplane! Airplane 2 – The SequelTwo very amusing films, one takes place in a plane, the other in a space shuttle to the moon. Very funny films with jokes almost all the time, perfect for when you need to relax after a hard day of study or of work . 
Blazing SaddlesA typical Mel Gibson film set in the Far West, fairly amusing but I’ve seen better
The Naked GunThe Naked Gun Series starring Leslie Nielsen as a cop whose clumsiness brings laughter to all of us. It is the absurdity of certain events within the films which are so amusing. From the title sequence until the end titles there are jokes interspersed. Overall these are enjoyable watch.  
 Hot Shots! Hot Shots! Part DeuxStarring Charlie Sheen as a pilot within the US Air Force this slap stick comedy will bring laughter to you even after you have stopped watching the films. With a clever mix of flight sequences and action on the ground filled with jokes this is definitely a film worth watching several times as there are so many jokes it is hard to catch all of them the first time the film is watched. 
40 Days and 40 NightsAfter being dumped by his ex girlfriend Matt (Josh Hartnett) is traumatized and although he pulls he is too distraught to succeed. He therefore decides to take a vow of celibacy and so we see how he copes with the situation and what he gains from the experience.
Shrek  Shrek is a very amusing animation film. Shrek is an ogre whom lived in a solitary cabin in the woods but through an evil lord taking power all fairy tales characters come to his place for safety. He is uncomfortable with too many people around and with the help of a donkey he goes towards the lord’s castle to overthrow him. A very amusing, nicely animated film which any age group can enjoy.
Austin PowersAustin powers, international man of power are amusing films starring Mike Myers as a secret agent spoofing James Bond as well as other films within the same genre. With characters like Mini Me, Fat Bastard the films are very amusing and entertaining.
American Pie   American Pie 2American Pie is a comedy centered around a group of teenage boys whom make a pact to lose their virginity before the Prom. It’s an amusing film about not being able to keep control, of experimenting with pie and far more, very amusing filmAmerican Pie 2 is the second film of the same title but it’s one year on and we find the same characters and where they are at that moment in time. There are more antics but these take place within a cabin by the beach and the characters are older. The jokes are quite similar although because it’s the second one the humor is not as effective. 
Scary MovieSpoofing the horror Genre with I know what you did last summer and Scream being used for the structure. 
You’ve Got MailTwo people whom are in love online later find out that in the physical world they are enemies, Tom Hanks owning a big book store whilst Meg Ryan owns a local bookshop
When Harry Met SallyStarring Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal in the tale of two people who arrive into the big city at the same time but go there own way as they arrive. Over time they meet up again and their friendship progresses to become far more.
Bridget Jones’s DiaryBridget Jone’s diary is about a woman who feels she is growing old and has Jane Austen style concerns about marriage. She suffers a little from alcoholism. Watch as she surmounts her problems to build a better life
Legally BlondeStarring Reese Witherspoon this is a post high school film where the characters are making university decisions. Reese witherspoon’s character decides to go to Harvard Law School. Everyone doubts she can do it, not least of which her boyfriend. A tale of gumption and dedication towards reaching our aims…kind of.
The Princess DiariesThe Princess diaries is a fairy tale story about a girl who discovers that she is royalty and is to become a princess. In order to do so she must many skills. We see the turmoil it creates within her life. A family friendly film.
Monsters, Inc.Monsters Inc is a really funny animation film. Monstropolis is a city where the source of power is children’s screams. We meet the top scarer, his companion as well as little girl Boo. It’s a very nice and amusing film which any age group would enjoy watching. 
Sleepless in SeattleSleepless in Seattle starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks in this romantic comedy about a son and his father. After the wife dies the father no longer wants to be involved with a women. One night his son calls up a talk show and speaks about his father. Through this many women begin to write to the father culminating in Meg Ryan’s character becoming more interested in this person. 
Wayne’s World 1 & 2 – The Complete EpicA young Mike Myers can be found in Wayne’s World. Two adolescents set up their own TV station with the program Wayne’s World. It’s light hearted comedy where the actors address the audience


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