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  • The Arches

    The Arches

    If you are looking for a sport easy walk with a little scrambling, walk to the rock arches. Two holes have been eroded into the rock providing two natural arches. You can walk up to both arches but it’s better to go on a quiet day. This place is not a good place for big […]

  • A Walk By The Mediterranean.

    A Walk By The Mediterranean.

    Have you walked by the Mediterranean recently? I walked by it today. It was blue and Green, turquoise and red. The sea was calm and a sailing boat or two set off to sail from one place to another.

  • Walking Down The Jura

    Walking Down The Jura

    Today I woke up and instead of cycling up to see this view and have a meal I decided to do the opposite. I would walk down. Two or three summers ago I walked up and they took four or five hours. Walking down is much easier. One or two bits are steep and my […]

  • Day 35 of Self-Isolation in Switzerland – A Hike To La Barillette.

    Day 35 of Self-Isolation in Switzerland – A Hike To La Barillette.

    Today I went for a Hike from La Barillette to La Barillette. It’s a shame that the restaurant wasn’t open to the public. It is currently marked as private, and scheduled to open on the first of May. Today I didn’t expect to do a long and physical hike. I expected to complete my usual […]

  • A forest walk by Chavannes Centre

    A forest walk by Chavannes Centre

    When I cycle towards Geneva i often pass by a forest near Chavannes centre. Usually I only skirt the exterior of the forest but I have twice passed through it on a bike on my way back from Geneva. Yesterday I drove the scooter to Chavannes centre and parked it where scooters and bikes can […]

  • Le Sentier des Toblerones

    Le Sentier des Toblerones Toblerones Walk from Mainvision on Vimeo. Hidden among the trees in the Canton de Vaud you can find concrete blocks put there as a defensive line to slow down invading armies. The concrete blocks have a similar shape to chocolate Toblerones. There is a hiking trail that you can follow from Bassin […]

  • Visiting the Creux de Van and spending time with Bouquetins.

    Visiting the Creux de Van and spending time with Bouquetins.

    Images I saw of the Creux de Van made me want to visit the location in person. Yesterday despite the mediocre weather I went there. From Neuchatel you drive towards Noiraigue. Free parking is available. For the first hour you are walking up a steep winding path. A few trees have fallen, stones and mud […]

  • Mountain streams

    Whilst some people are perfectly happy sitting at a desk chatting to others via webcams I prefer to be out and about streaming daily life. Today was one example of what I like to do. I went up to La Dole for a walk with the n95 and streamed a few landscapes for people following […]