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  • I Want to Dump WordPress for Laravel

    I Want to Dump WordPress for Laravel

    For at least a year I have been annoyed with WordPress, not because it went from the classic editor to Guthenburg but because it now uses React and I hate the idea of using React because it was a FaceBook project. I don’t trust Facebook and I don’t want to use anything related to them. […]

  • Learning By Writing despite GPT

    Learning By Writing despite GPT

    I am old enough to remember a teacher writing on a board or piece of plastic for an overhead projector. “Why don’t you just give us photocopies of what you’re writing instead of asking us to copy down what you’re writing. “Because you will remember it better if you write it down.” At the time […]

  • Five Years With The Suunto Spartan

    Five Years With The Suunto Spartan

    I have had the Suunto Spartan for around five years, the Apple watch Series Four for Four and the Instinct since November 2021 and I find myself gravitating back towards the Suunto Spartan watch again. I pivoted away from the watch and Suunto because it moved towards WearOS and smartwatches, rather than sticking to fitness […]

  • Laravel and Context

    Laravel and Context

    There is value in studying Laravel and context. By this I mean that over a year ago I wanted to study Angular but after feeling lost in Javascript I decided to take a step back, to study JavaScript. I studied two or more courses over a period of months. I could have followed a single […]

  • chatGPT, GPT3 and Reading Time

    chatGPT, GPT3 and Reading Time

    Time for a new discussion to take place. Reading time. Do you read through articles or do you skim them. Is reading the headline enough or do you read every word of the article? I ask because in the age of chatGPT and GPT3 I would ask the same question as I asked about social […]

  • Apple Health Step Data Sources

    Apple Health Step Data Sources

    Yesterday I spent some time looking through Apple Health Data Sources. I see that there are plenty of data sources. These are the Apple watch, the iphone, Alltrails, move, connect, stepsapp, pacer, Suunto, Ingress and three more that are marked as inactive. Move is the app that gets data from some Casio watches. Connect is […]

  • Casio and Other Watches

    Casio and Other Watches

    If we wear a Suunto, Garmin, Apple watch or Fitbit the device wants us to wear it for sleep, for every step we take, every heart beat and more. At the end of the year we do get fitness summaries but related to what we ran, swam, cycled and possibly walked. That means that for […]

  • Rest and Recovery Apps

    Rest and Recovery Apps

    Either you can buy a collection of casios that each have different functions or you can download apps that have a niche purpose. I have been playing with Gentler Streak and Training day. One looks at heart rate and training. The second looks at resting heart rate and heart rate recovery. According to the Gentler […]

  • The Warm Sun

    The Warm Sun

    The Garmin Instinct warmed up in the Spanish sun while charging.

  • Walking Into Heavy Rain

    Walking Into Heavy Rain

    Sometimes you end up walking into heavy rain. That’s what I did today. I looked at the weather and because it was meant to get better over the coming days I assumed that this evening it would get better. Instead, as I walked it started to rain a little more, and then a little harder, […]