Monthly Archives: September 2019

Three Lanes Are Better Than Two

Three lanes are always better than two but environmentalists are against expanding from two lanes to three lanes because they say that having three lanes will promote the use of the car. I believe that this is a flawed argument. The A1 motorway between Geneva and Lausanne is often congested because when a slow vehicle… Read More »

Bouldering in Geneva – Park Chuit

Bouldering in Geneva now has a new bouldering wall in a park. There are two structures with bouldering problems to experiment with. Some of these are easy and go straight up while others are overhanging and require more experience. Rather than place crash mats on the floor that would be exposed to the weather you… Read More »

Back to Cycling

Yesterday I went back to cycling after breaking my arm and letting it recover. My lower body is fine despite not cycling for a long time but the left arm still feels vulnerable. I could feel it when changing gears and when going over bumps. As silly as it sounds to wait for weeks before… Read More »