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  • The Decline of Twitter

    The Decline of Twitter

    Twitter is alive and healthy, with vibrant communities and an opportunity to converse with people and find information that mainstream media are sometimes slow to report on. Over the last week that balance is swinging towards less positive times. In Europe, freedom of speech, and freedom of expression require people to say things that they […]

  • Twitter is Down

  • Whether Or Not To Tweet

    Whether Or Not To Tweet

    Sometimes we have to ask whether or not to tweet. We have to ask this question because social media is seen by many, in common culture, as an addiction. Everything that is perceived negatively by society suffers, whether justifiably or not. The same is true of cyclists. In Switzerland there is an ad campaign that […]

  • Playing With Flickr

    Playing With Flickr

    It’s interesting, isn’t it? Flick is a website that I have been part of since 1996 and I have been so distracted by Facebook, Instagram and other social networks that I have forgotten about it. Several times I expected the website to wither and disappear but it hasn’t. It is still around and it still […]

  • On the Detrimental impact of Chain Letters on Social Networks

    On the Detrimental impact of Chain Letters on Social Networks

    In the 90s, people found it fun to share chain letters. At the time, this was something new to many of us, so we found them fun. We received and then passed them on, but over the volume of chain letters become a torrent of spam. The letter is fun the first time you see […]

  • Video Editing And Social Media

    In the past if you wanted to be a video editor you also needed to be a camera operator, and to be a camera operator you needed to be a video editor. By knowing both skills you shot good material because you knew how hard bad material was to use. As a result of this […]

  • The Roman Civilisation On Twitter

    The Roman Civilisation is being tweeted about on Twitter. There are accounts that tweet about ongoing archeological digs, museum opening times and more. They also share images and videos, providing people with a visual way of learning about the Romans. One of these twitter accounts is Roman Britain. They tweet original content as well as […]

  • Looking Out From The Other Side of the Internet Tunnel

    Today I started reading “What the Internet Is Doing To Our Brains, The Shallows” and I feel that I am on the other side of the experience. I have been through the passion for new content, the passion to constantly write the new things that people write, and the need to be connected. There was […]

  • Bullying Disguised as Satire

    We’re in the middle of a pandemic. Some of us go without conversing with people in the real world for days or even weeks at a time. Is now the time to be offensive about people’s social media habits? For plenty of TikTok users, their only window into the social world is their phone. Plenty […]

  • FaceBook’s Primitive Content Management System

    Facebook’s Primitive Content Management System, because aside from being a social media platform, it is a CMS, makes it very hard to delete posts, images, and more in bulk. Facebook should be seen as a CMS because it allows us to share images, posts, events, and more. As a CMS we should have more control […]