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  • Bear Spray will work on any mammal with eyes.

    Reading Time: < 1 minute I was curious about whether bear spray or pepper spray would be good to carry, now that wolves are common, and being spotted by skiers, hikers, and dameuse drivers (Dameuse are ski piste tractors that repair the pistes while people enjoy Après Ski drinks.

  • Exhausted by Noise Pollution

    Reading Time: < 1 minute Yesterday the drive was easy. 12-13 hours of easy driving with good road conditions. The exhaustion came from having neighbours that start making noise at 20:00 so the “early bed time” you planned is ruined. I woke at 0230 and by 0330 I was driving for 12hrs straight. If I…

  • From a Walk in Spain

    Reading Time: < 1 minute I am too tired to write, not from a long drive, but from being kept awake by Arlequino. before a long drive. I leave you with blossom today.

  • Audiobookshelf and Driving

    Audiobookshelf and Driving

    Reading Time: 2 minutes In an ideal world I would use Audiobookshelf when I’m driving tomorrow. In the real world I can’t, or at least shouldn’t. The reason for this is simple. There is no iOS app which, in turn, means that there is no car play app. Combined this means that if I want…

  • Who Killed Twitter – My Opinion

    Who Killed Twitter – My Opinion

    Reading Time: 2 minutes Two authors wrote books. In these books they speak about whether Jack Dorsey or Elon Musk killed twitter. The answer is neither. If Twitter was alive and healthy it would never have been sold to an individual for four times its value, because its growth potential would have made this absurd.…

  • Migrating Photos from Facebook to Google Photos

    Migrating Photos from Facebook to Google Photos

    Reading Time: 2 minutes There has been a shift within cloud services such as Google, Facebook and others. That shift is to make migrating photos from one service quick and easy. The old fashioned method would be to download media from service A before re-uploading it to service B. This requires lots of space on hard drives…

  • Experimenting with Linux

    Experimenting with Linux

    Reading Time: 3 minutes This morning when I should have been working on the daily blog post I decided to install Ubuntu on an external hard drive to see if it still worked as I remembered it working. It does, sort of. There are two approaches. You could install Linux straight onto the internal HD of…

  • Tired of Garmin and Apple, Playing With Casio

    Tired of Garmin and Apple, Playing With Casio

    Reading Time: 3 minutes For a while now I have been wearing a Casio and an apple watch or a Garmin and an Apple watch, or a Casio and a Garmin watch or a xiaomi smart band and a casio or a xiaomi smart band and… it goes on. A Break of Routine The reason…

  • Waiting


    Reading Time: 3 minutes As I write this I am waiting for my Apple Laptop to complete two tasks. The first task is to convert all my audible books from AAX to MP3 format. This is taking days to complete because I have over 500 books and my mac book pro is slow, due to it…

  • Cyclist Sightings

    Cyclist Sightings

    Reading Time: < 1 minute Yesterday I went for a walk, during which I listened to two podcasts via AudioBookShelf, but that’s not the point of this post. The point of this post is that the seasons have changed. The snow has melted and there was a brief interlude in rain so plenty of people…