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Thoughts on the Oculus Quest

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During the World XR Forum I had to carry six or more Oculus Quest devices from a car to the conference centre and then help with setting up at least one of these devices. At first I thought it was like most VR headsets where the phone is the display.

In reality, the Oculus Quest is a self-contained VR headset driven via an app from the mobile phone. Once the Oculus quest and the mobile phone are paired you can play with content and use it. This is great because it no longer requires a high spec computer, it has no cables and best of all it’s affordable. At 400-500 CHF it’s affordable within most geek budgets.

The pole Vault/Barrier to entry is now just a skip and anyone can experience VR games whether on Android or iOS.

If you leave the controllers on a desk as you set up it is easy and intuitive to pick them up without taking the headset off. When you’re starting a session you can draw the outline of the room and mark where the walls are. In doing so you can set it up safely within seconds rather than minutes.

It also fits within a small box so you can carry it with you when you travel or when you’re doing things. In theory, you could hike with it and use it in a refuge. In practice, it’s better to use it where power outlets are common.

It’s computer gaming, without sitting at a desk. It’s Virtual Reality without the constraints of time and space.

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