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  • From A Spanish to A Swiss Autumn

    From A Spanish to A Swiss Autumn

    When I left for Spain Switzerland was just starting to turn Autumnal. Today, when I looked around I could see that Autumn has arrived properly in Switzerland. In Spain the sun is still warm enough for t-shirt wearing and swimming. The sun is still strong enough to change our chrominance. Yesterday I drove for around […]

  • Three Lanes Are Better Than Two

    Three lanes are always better than two but environmentalists are against expanding from two lanes to three lanes because they say that having three lanes will promote the use of the car. I believe that this is a flawed argument. The A1 motorway between Geneva and Lausanne is often congested because when a slow vehicle […]

  • Self Driving Cars will teach us How to Drive

    I am impatient to try a self driving car. I am impatient for the day when the car will know where we’re meant to be and at what time. That is when cars will be autonomous. In this future I envision that self driving cars will teach us how to drive. For the moment learning […]

  • TomTom Go and the diminishing cost of live traffic data when driving

    Today with Tomtom Go you pay 20CHF per year for the maps and traffic information. When I first bought the TomTom Europe apps for iOS and Android they cost about 170CHF an operating system. If my memory serves me well traffic information would cost an additional 100 CHF per year. As a result of the high […]

  • Videocamp, Paris

    A few days ago I was in Paris to meet the Francofous and in the process I passed by La Cantine where they were holding a Videocamp. It’s like a barcamp but rather than talking about radio and podcastng people talked about peer to peer video sharing, citizen journalism and other topics. I filmed a […]

  • Guided by the Nüvi 250

    Finding your way around London is hard and after seven or more hours of driving across France from Geneva it can be a little daunting. That’s why I decided to use the Garmin Nüvi 250 to help me. It’s a small pocketable driving GPS that’s easy and intuitive to use. That’s important when you’re on […]

  • Looking out of a window at traffic

    I’m on the second floor of a home which looks out onto a busy road which means there’s a lot of traffic passing by but wait there’s more. Road works are taking place. Traffic must stop. Stopped traffic means hours of entertainment from the comfort of your room. So far I saw one van back […]