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  • Whether Or Not To Tweet

    Whether Or Not To Tweet

    Sometimes we have to ask whether or not to tweet. We have to ask this question because social media is seen by many, in common culture, as an addiction. Everything that is perceived negatively by society suffers, whether justifiably or not. The same is true of cyclists. In Switzerland there is an ad campaign that […]

  • Playing With Flickr

    Playing With Flickr

    It’s interesting, isn’t it? Flick is a website that I have been part of since 1996 and I have been so distracted by Facebook, Instagram and other social networks that I have forgotten about it. Several times I expected the website to wither and disappear but it hasn’t. It is still around and it still […]

  • Bullying Disguised as Satire

    We’re in the middle of a pandemic. Some of us go without conversing with people in the real world for days or even weeks at a time. Is now the time to be offensive about people’s social media habits? For plenty of TikTok users, their only window into the social world is their phone. Plenty […]

  • Close to Success – Exporting Instagram images to WordPress Natively

    Close to Success – Exporting Instagram images to WordPress Natively

    When Instagram was a self-run startup I loved the product. I loved that it was a way of sharing images with friends. I loved that it was fast and that it was light. I also liked that it had it’s own community. I liked that it was a way of sharing real life with people […]

  • Twitter Threads and Blogging

    Twitter Threads and Blogging

    Twitter threads and blogging are both free but whereas with one you need to click to read the continuation and it’s hard to print the other is self contained and easily shareable. I see twitter threads, that as twitter threads are a waste of time on a conversational channel but would be ideal for a […]

  • Forcing people to be active daily with Stories

    Forcing people to be active daily with Stories

    Facebook and Instagram both have “Stories”. Stories are temporary vertical pictures and video that are only available for a limited amount of time before they are backed up and saved for retrieval once you request your data. In theory, they are a fantastic way of sharing life as it happens without worrying about something embarrassing […]

  • Google Plus is Shutting Down in August

    By shutting Google plus in August 2019 Google have shut down one of my favourite social networks. From the start I have said that it reminded me of Jaiku, an excellent, european alternative to Jaiku that never reached critical mass and so was sold to Google, which then shut it down and eventually released Google+ […]

  • Mental Health and Social media

    Mental Health and Social media

    There is a lot of discussion about Mental Health and social media because most people are not social media natives. They are either Luddites who do not appreciate playing with technology. They see themselves as users rather than participants and then there are extroverts and other people who see Social Media as a threat to […]

  • Travel and data roaming

    In July Roaming will be a bad memory for Europeans travelling within Europe. As a result of this the sale of sim cards to Ingress players, pokemon Go players and others will also be a thing of the past. What will not change is that we use social media apps to communicate with other people. […]

  • The Paradox of “kicking smartphone addictions”.

    It’s amusing that people think of “kicking smartphone addictions”. We now have a decade of experience in the current social media landscape. We have a decade of using smartphones rather than feature phones. In effect we have had a decade to adapt our lives to the age of the ubiquitous smartphone. We can ignore the […]