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  • Thoughts On Decentralised Social Media

    Thoughts On Decentralised Social Media

    The web was decentralised for a long time. The internet and social networks were designed around different niches. We had niches for people that did sports in the same area of Switzerland, that wanted to discuss a variety of topics, for music lovers and more. The change brought on by MySpace, Twitter, ICQ, Facebook and […]

  • Twitter, As a Joke

    Twitter, As a Joke

    Twitter went down and I didn’t notice, yet again. According to The Verge it has been down five times in five weeks. It goes down so regularly that it feels as if they have allowed the Netflix Chaos Monkey to run freely around Twitter code. They say that they need to rewrite the entire site. […]

  • An Easier Run

    An Easier Run

    Since the start of the year I have been running regularly. Yesterday I went for a run and I found it easiser than other runs. It might be thanks to the audiobook, on the one hand, and to consistent training on the other. I am not pushing hard. The training program is a 5k programme […]

  • The Illusion That The Pandemic Is Over

    The Illusion That The Pandemic Is Over

    Switzerland is living under the illusion that the pandemic is over. If you look at the data on the RTS website and other sources of information such as Cotrack – Grafana then the pandemic is over. The number of new cases has gone done so if you look at the metrics then it is over. […]

  • Twitter’s Not For Me

    Twitter’s Not For Me

    Twitter has a new For You page inspired by TikTok’s For you page according to Quartz. Many years ago we had Seesmic, a video chat community where people could share video messages 24 hours a day. We even experimented with recording videos and sharing them by phone when this was still novel. Tik Tok has […]

  • Limited Bandwidth and Twitter

    Limited Bandwidth and Twitter

    Let’s take a step back from today, and let’s remember the 2006 tech landscape. In 2006 we had Symbian phones, GPRS, text messages. We used the world wide web whilst sitting at computers usually via wifi. We would tweet until the moment we left home, and then we had to rely on SMS to keep […]

  • A New Yorker Cartoon, Existentialism and The Absurd

    A New Yorker Cartoon, Existentialism and The Absurd

    Today I saw a picture of a frog sitting in a sauce pan on a cooker speaking to another, saying “I Know the water is heating up but that’s the next generation’s problem” and this can be a comment on a few things. The first, linear comment is of course about global warming and its […]

  • Playing With The Aranet 4

    Playing With The Aranet 4

    Countries like Switzerland recently decided that the pandemic was over because lobbies wanted it to be over. Despite high numbers of infections and the percentage of tests being positive Switzerland decided that the acute phase of the pandemic was over. For them the lack of deaths, and the lack of people in ICUs meant that […]

  • Wearing a Dumb Watch Or a Classic

    Wearing a Dumb Watch Or a Classic

    Before the pandemic I liked to track sports, whether walking, indoor climbing, cycling, walking or more. I have tracked sports activities for two to three years at this point. I think I have almost 3000 tracked activities. That’s tracking my walks and more almost every day for at least ten years. Recently the English, Swiss, […]

  • The Curse of The Electric Light Bulb

    The Curse of The Electric Light Bulb

    Have you ever considered how nice it would be to wake up when the sun comes up, and to end the day when the sun goes down? In summer the days would be long and filled with memories. In winter we would head to sleep when the sun sets. Every day we would either gain […]