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Unseen is a documentary divided in to two parts. The first part is about five individuals who provide tours of various parts of London which they inhabited as homeless person and the second part is feedback and advice.

On twestival

The first tweetup I went to saw a crowd of no more than sixty people. The twestival had many more. Enough to fill the Doon club. So many new faces but not many new people to follow. It’s fun to see how big the London twitter community has become. The usual people were there, sizemore,… Read More »

Twitter as a way of life

Twitter is not a social network, rather it’s a way of life. The more you use Twitter the further it gets into your way of life. It allows you to follow current affairs, geek out about social media and keep in touch with friends that uses the social network. What’s more it’s a network that… Read More »

the tapeless workflow – Videoforum

The tapeless workflow is a term used to describe video production without the use of tapes. That is to say that from the point the material is recorded in camera to the point it is distributed it never changes from being data. In other words television production has become a profession of data managment as… Read More »

The Tricaster – Videoforum

The Tricaster is a Multimedia portable switcher. In other words it’s an OB van in a box. It’s a vision mixing deck on the light. They range from having two sources to six depending on your needs. Rather than have racks and racks of expensive gear to lug around for low budget shoots you get… Read More »

The Social Media Morning

I went to the Social Media Coffee event this morning and met quite a few of the usual people including Deek, Sizemore, Londonfilmgeek and others. I got to know a few more twitter users a little better and that’s where I stayed for part of the morning. I’ve been networking a lot over the past… Read More »


Chillout® is an open source implementation of the DMP DRM software. The idea is to create a multiplatform toolkit that allows for the easy managment of rights for media files. Built with Java it has several levels of rights managment for a number of files. This includes encrytion software and more. For a PDF document… Read More »