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  • Muddy Shoes and a Drought

    Muddy Shoes and a Drought

    Every morning the landscape is covered in frost. That frost melts and turns to water, which in turn, turns to mud, and cakes my shoes. Unfortunately there has been no rain for weeks, and there is no rain expected for weeks. We are in another drought although most people will not call it that, yet. […]

  • A Run And A Walk

    A Run And A Walk

    I am going for a run and a walk three times a week at the moment. The run is set by the Garmin Coach and the walk is set by the route I have chosen to use on that specific day. By running the first part of my daily walk I increase my fitness, according […]

  • Mud and Walking

    Mud and Walking

    I go for walks, runs or bike rides every single day, whether it’s rainy, windy, snowy or a heatwave. As a result of this I often walk along routes where mud forms. Sometimes I come home from walks and my shoes are spotless, thanks either to a drought, or paradoxically due to the rain. Recently […]

  • The Illusion That The Pandemic Is Over

    The Illusion That The Pandemic Is Over

    Switzerland is living under the illusion that the pandemic is over. If you look at the data on the RTS website and other sources of information such as Cotrack – Grafana then the pandemic is over. The number of new cases has gone done so if you look at the metrics then it is over. […]

  • A Snowy Day

    A Snowy Day

    Yesterday we had a snowy day. I saw that the snow was beginning to pile up so I went and cleared the snow for fun. I could have left it as it was but I saw an opportunity to have some weight training, for free. I regret that I didn’t set a fitness tracker to […]

  • Growing Potatoes and Onions

    Growing Potatoes and Onions

    Recently I have tried growing potatoes and onions. I had flower pots left over, dormant after basil plants died. I often try to keep Basil plants growing but they have a terrible tendency to die. The easiest plant for me to grow has been an orchid that I have had for as long as the […]

  • On Not Listening to Podcasts

    There are times when I listen to two or three hours of podcasts a day and I learn from them. I usually listen when I am cooking and when I am walking. For several weeks now I have hardly listened to any podcasts. This is for three reasons. The first of these is that I […]

  • Stormy Skies Near Nyon

    Stormy Skies Near Nyon

    The weather was finally dynamic today. The storm warnings were flashing towards Hermance, on the French side of the lake. This gave a nice contrast between the yellow of the Colza fields and the dark threatening clouds behind. At moments I thought that rain would begin to fall but luckily the doppler radar, and my […]

  • Playing With The Aranet 4

    Playing With The Aranet 4

    Countries like Switzerland recently decided that the pandemic was over because lobbies wanted it to be over. Despite high numbers of infections and the percentage of tests being positive Switzerland decided that the acute phase of the pandemic was over. For them the lack of deaths, and the lack of people in ICUs meant that […]

  • Coastal Erosion and Archeology

    Coastal Erosion and Archeology