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  • the tapeless workflow – Videoforum

    The tapeless workflow is a term used to describe video production without the use of tapes. That is to say that from the point the material is recorded in camera to the point it is distributed it never changes from being data. In other words television production has become a profession of data managment as […]

  • The Tricaster – Videoforum

    The Tricaster is a Multimedia portable switcher. In other words it’s an OB van in a box. It’s a vision mixing deck on the light. They range from having two sources to six depending on your needs. Rather than have racks and racks of expensive gear to lug around for low budget shoots you get […]

  • The London Videoforum – Cameras

    From the 30th of January to the 1st of February 2008 the VideoForum event was held at Earl’s Court in London so that Television and video professionals may meet and talk in a number of conferences, seminars and tutorials as well as on stands. During this time I got to see what were the major […]