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  • Video Editing And Social Media

    In the past if you wanted to be a video editor you also needed to be a camera operator, and to be a camera operator you needed to be a video editor. By knowing both skills you shot good material because you knew how hard bad material was to use. As a result of this […]

  • Thoughts on The Google IT Support Course

    I am currently studying the Google IT Support Course. I am familiar with many of the topics and I have used many of the tools discussed. What the course offers, and the reason for which it has so much value, is that fills my knowledge gaps. One example of this is the TCP/IP model. Until […]

  • Day 33 of Self-Isolation in Switzerland – A video walk

    Day 33 of Self-Isolation in Switzerland – A video walk

    Today I went on a video walk with the DJI OSMO pocket three or whichever number it has and I took a series of frames. Before going for my daily walk I searched through the Vision Du Réel virtual Film Festival list of films and I found “The Bridge“. It’s available for all to watch […]

  • Of Twitter Threads (mice) and Blog Posts (Humans).

    With the sentence “Of Twitter threads (Mice) and Blog Posts (Humans)” you’ll see that I’ve done two things. The first is that I’ve modernised a well-known book title to draw parallels with the practices of writing Twitter threads and blog posts. People write twitter threads because they think that it’s fast, convenient, will draw an […]

  • Socialising and Networking

    After university, I estimated that I got to know of at least 600 people. I was on campus every day and I was out almost all the time. Whether it was in the edit suites, the library or the bar. I used to sit indoors with the bags as a non-smoker but within weeks I […]

  • Burning Man 2013 – Beyond The Fire

    This is how edits are meant to be. hundreds of shots, lots of diversity and a good choice of music. You feel that the person shot a lot of material and spent quite a bit of time editing.

  • Django Django – WOR

    Django Django – WOR from Jim Demuth on Vimeo. A well told, well edited short documentary about the people who drive the wall of death.

  • Nowness ‘Up & Out’ by Joshua Stocker

    Nowness ‘Up & Out’ by Joshua Stocker from Skin Flicks on Vimeo. Fashion doesn’t interest me but editing and transitions do.

  • Behind the Scenes: Record

    Behind the Scenes: Record from The Lincoln Motor Company on Vimeo. I love the idea of putting a small camera on an object and filming event from that perspective. The idea of putting a gopro on a record is an interesting one. With the size of technology today you’d expect this to be simple to […]

  • GoPro: Pushing Boundaries With Oracle Team USA

    I was disappointed by the way this video was cut. You don’t really see what’s going on. It’s just a jumble of shots.