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  • Digitalshadowcaster (TM)

    As the rate of creation of content increases so does the challenge of following what was done by whom and that’s where digitalshadowcaster (TM). The idea is interesting to content producers.  Thus, the life cycle of an object may “Cast” a “Digital Shadow” (DS) that captures real time key information events and actions.  A given […]

  • The Seesmic Dinner

    Last night I had the good fortune of attending the social media dinner at the Coach and horse in London. It was yet another opportunity to meet people like Lloyd, Sizemore, Phil Campbell, Deek, Rupert Howe, Jess and many other seesmic participants. It was also my opportunity to meet some new people. I met Vinvin […]

  • Blog Wars at the Frontline Club in London

    Blog Wars is a documentary taking a look at how bloggers influenced the political debate in the state of Connecticut. It’s 58 minutes long and covers some interesting points but that’s not what I’m going to write about. For me what was interesting was seeing who was present. For a start I didn’t expect for […]

  • The week ahead: Blog Wars, Seesmic meetup and more

    This week should see me dropping by the Frontline Club in London for the first time in weeks. I want to see Blog Wars which could be quite interesting. “Blog Wars provides a sharp and funny look at the explosion of political blogs, which have become the loudspeakers for a new generation of activists speaking […]

  • The Seesmeetup

    It’s taken no more than a few days from the time I first saw Fred2baro on seesmic to our first meeting with Deek in London for the first Seesmeetup… so called. In fact it was both Sizemore that had the first meeting although more private in nature. One of the questions that one of Fred2baro’s […]

  • Twittervox – as seen in central London

    The film Juno was screened to a crowd of bloggers of which both Loudmouthman and I were part of. As a result it gave us the perfect opportunity to do a twittervox. The video can be found here for direct download. After meeting with Nik Butler and others for the screening of the film Juno […]

  • Last time I went to the cinema my name was in the credits

    Last time I went to the cinema I was in Paris and my name was in the credits. This time I was at the 20th Century Fox offices on Soho Square in London as a guest, along with Loudmouthman, Suzymiller, Danacea, Rupert Howe, Sizemore and many other social media participants. We were invited to preview […]

  • Last night’s Social Media Club event

    Last night Hill & Knowlton organised a Social Media club event in central London to discuss a number of aspects surrounding blogging, marketing and PR. The Event started with a quick introduction to how certain bloggers have voiced their intense dislike of being pitched to by PR companies whilst others are more relaxed about the […]

  • Why I don’t care about the iphone anymore

    Had it not been for the ipod touch I would still care about the Iphone and I’d be down at regent street now with the geeks waiting for the device to be released into the wild. As things are not only can I not afford the device but more than anything else I found it […]

  • CCTV, Two Exhibits, one town crier and of course John Bull

    England is a CCTV nation with more cameras per capita than any other nation. As a result there is great interest from people like Christian of and Our Man Inside and John Perivolaris. Both of them are working on CCTV related pieces. At Parliament Square Christian demonstrated his great ability to talk with anyone […]