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  • Gutenburg WordPress plugin

    Gutenburg WordPress plugin

    The Gutenburg Press Plugin provides a new way to write blog posts. Rather than write as if a blog post was a single block of text it breaks it up into segments or "presses"  A few weeks ago a Gutenburg Press was brought to the Palais wilson and we had the opportunity to experiment with […]

  • Improved Belaying – perfecting our technique

    Improved Belaying – perfecting our technique

    Belaying is a core climbing skill. With good belaying a climber can climb as fast as he is comfortable to climb, as if without a rope and yet have his fall cushioned at be safe at all times. The belayer needs to be active. He needs to observe and be attentive. I first learned to […]

  • Out of my comfort zone – A day of trying new things.

    Out of my comfort zone – A day of trying new things.

    I was out of my comfort zone for a day last week and enjoyed it. This involved trying improv theatre for the first time. Vinyasa Tango Yoga and Bollywood dancing. I tried all of these things within the framework of the Refugee Cultural Festival that took place between last week and this week. I was assigned […]

  • The Refugee Cultural Festival Kickoff Party

    The Refugee Cultural Festival Kickoff Party

    Last night many of the volunteers participating in the Refugee Cultural Festival could come and meet who they will be working with for the duration of the event. Falafel, samosa, hummus, wine and beer were among the offerings available to those people. Along with this was a drive for them to tell their stories either […]

  • Gallantry and Rock Climbing

    Gallantry and Rock Climbing

    Gallantry and Rock Climbing are a good combination. In Rock climbing the person with more experience or comfort helps the person with less comfort. In some cases it might be helping people walk on trails and in other cases it may be walking at the pace that is comfortable for others. According to the Merriam […]

  • Ingress Operation Apache, Covering Geneva in Blue.

    Operation Apache Ingress is a selfless game when you play as a team. The driver gets no AP. Other operators get a few AP for breaking portals. Three individuals gets hundreds of thousands of Mind Units (MU). Rather than feel a sense of achievement I feel fatigue. The first reason is to do with the […]

  • The Trouble With Thankless Jobs

    An interesting talk about thankless jobs and how to make them more rewarding.

  • Will Marshall: Tiny satellites that photograph the entire planet, every day

    Up to date earth imagery every day.

  • On having a dedicated machine used for nothing but video editing.

    My editing machine has a minimum of things installed on it. Final Cut Pro and related software, nothing else. The point is that when I am editing I am dedicated to that single task. I take breaks when it is rendering or when I need time to digest the edit so far. When I was […]

  • Chindrieux Dives

    Earlier today I was at Chindrieux, a lake side village looking out over the Lac du Bourget lake in France. It is a nice lake with good visibility. The dive site where my friends and I usually dive is a wall. You swim out for 300 meters before heading down the bank to a little […]