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  • Day Twenty-seven of ORCA in Switzerland – River Walking

    Day Twenty-seven of ORCA in Switzerland – River Walking

    My shoes are wet and my socks are wet because today I tried river walking. If a child was to do the same it would be called immature and irrational but when an adult does it then it’s adventure, and trying something new. My motivation to river walk came from the pandemic, or more precisely […]

  • Objectified – A Design Documentary Split Into Individual Interviews.

    Objectified is a documentary about industrial design that has been divided into interviews with individuals about a diversity of designs, from the casing of the Mac Book Pro to chairs, a CD player that behaves like a fan and much more. On Linkedin, this documentary has been cut up and split into chapters so that […]

  • The Bomber war – Documentary and book

    When I was in Spain I started to read “The Bomber War” because it’s a topic I do not know much about the topic. It’s interesting to read about the technology that they used for guidance, for detection and for the bombing. It’s also to read about how one thousand bomber sorties were sometimes orchestrated. […]

  • A Timelapse from La Barillette

    A Timelapse from La Barillette

    It is not rare for me to do a timelapse from La Barillette. Several years ago I tried a timelapse with a 360 camera where you saw clouds forming overhead and in a spherical video. I also filmed a timelapse of the Paléo parkings filling up. This time I went up the Jura in the […]

  • The Earth Race Documentaries.

    Sometimes I stumble across documentaries that I feel excel in their genre. One such documentary is Earthrace: The Power Boat Race around the World. This is a one and a half hour documentary charting the fundraising, awareness building, race preparations and then the actual race, including logistics and more. I like this documentary because the […]

  • Documenting climbing feats

    Documenting climbing feats

    Documenting climbing feats is an interesting challenge because you deal with issues of accessibility, projects that can last for months or even years and in some cases you’re dealing with the prospect of the climber understanding the problem, and then achieving his goal. For two or three years I really explored ideas for a climbing […]

  • The Dawn Wall film

    One of the reasons for which this film is so powerful is that it’s written in the way that Heinrich Harrer wrote about the Eiger. It’s documenting not just a single attempt but the entire process. In doing so we get to know the people well. It gives us some context about their early days […]

  • Magnetic – Geneva premiere

    Yesterday I went to Magnetic’s Geneva Premiere and I really enjoyed some segments of the film and found that others were less interesting. Keep in mind though, that this film is two hours long and that this increase and decrease in interest is normal.  What made this screening special is that many of the people […]

  • CuriosityStream – a place to find interesting documentaries

    Yesterday I started exploring CuriosityStream, a video streaming website that makes finding and watching documentaries easy. You can have a trial run of seven days but after watching three documentaries since yesterday evening I am convinced that it is a place where I want to watch more content.  I like documentaries that are well produced […]

  • Glacier Exit – A short documentary showing a glacier’s retreat

    Glacier Exit – A short documentary showing a glacier’s retreat

    Originally they meant to go out to have an adventure. They interviewed an individual about how the glacier’s rate of retreat has been increasing over the years. “I used to come here with a snow plow. Now I need a lawnmower”.  Global warming is visible around the world. Rockfalls have made hiking dangerous. There have […]