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  • The World from a baby’s perspective

    How would you feel if you had access to video footage taken with a 360° camera of the world from a baby’s perspective? This is a question I find interesting to answer. I decided to try this experiment a few days ago. The limitation of most cameras is that they only show what is within […]

  • Understanding Virtual Reality games via Youtube

    Virtual Reality is still an abstract concept for people requiring either a Samsung mobile phone and their VR headset, a mobile phone and a VR headset from a third party provider or dedicated hardware like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Unless you’re in a big city testing this technology is impractical. Vlogging is an […]

  • Experimenting with Spherical photographs

    Experimenting with Spherical photographs

    I was in Spain with the Ricoh Theta S last week so I took the opportunity to experiment with the Ricoh Theta S in a number of locations. What I like about such a device is that it takes a click to get pictures. I experimented with a manfrotto monopod and a smaller monopod. The […]

  • Vlogging on a Via Ferrata with the Theta S

    Vlogging on a Via Ferrata with the Theta S

    Vlogging on a Via Ferrata with the Theta S by Ricoh is not only feasible but interesting. Earlier today I went to the Via Ferrata du Fort L’écluse in the French Region of Ain. This Via Ferrata goes long the nice rock face next to the climb. The purpose of this video is to bring […]

  • The Immersive Video market is coming of age

    The Immersive Video market is coming of age

    I see this as a good, not a bad thing. It means that 2016 is the year where we can experiment on what content and story types work best for VR. It gives us time to establish workflows and intuitions about what subjects will work in VR and which ones are better left to UHD […]

  • Rock Climbing in Virtual Reality

    Rock Climbing in Virtual Reality

    Rock Climbing in Virtual Reality has an interesting future because some people are afraid of heights, others don’t have the muscle tone to climb and yet more live too far away from climbing locations to enjoy the sport. Virtual reality is a great way of enabling people to get some of the sensations of rock […]

  • Archery with the HTC Vive

    Virtual Reality is a great opportunity to practice skills and keep fit at the same time. It’s fun to watch people play these immersive games and get carried away. In Holopoint you’re an archer shooting at targets and they shoot back at you. You need to dodge out of the way to avoid being hit. […]

  • The Immersive Video Experience

    The Immersive Video Experience

      I was at the World Virtual Reality Forum in Crans Montana this weekend as a volunteer. During this time I was able to try many of the demonstrations and get a real feel for the potential of 360° and immersive videos. I was also able to listen to people comment on what they appreciated about […]

  • Getting an audience to film screenings

    Getting an audience to film screenings

    Adam Aron, CEO of AMC recently made a generation of cinema non-goers angry with him when he said that he would allow texting to take place during projects. My generation, previous generations and the generations of the future complained on social media. Getting an audience to film screenings requires an understanding of what they prefer to […]

  • Virtual Reality Advertising

    At this moment in time Virtual Reality is an abstract notion for most people. It is easy to find news features and documentaries speaking about the potential of the medium. The video above is the most effective demonstration of Virtual Reality that I have seen so far. I like that they use a greenscreen to […]