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  • The Insta360 Nano and Air – A climbing test

    The Insta360 Nano and Air – A climbing test

    The Insta 360 Nano and Air are two affordable cameras. The first is designed to work with the new iPhone shape as well as a stand alone device. The Insta360 Air works only when it is plugged into an Android device. Both are good for specific uses. Insta360 Air The Insta360 Air requests a firmware […]

  • Half Way Through To This Year’s Cycling Goal.

    Half Way Through To This Year’s Cycling Goal.

    So far this year I have been cycling for 680 km in 33hrs with a height gain of 6800 meters. In this time I have used my narrative clip 2 device to document the ride with a picture every 10-30 seconds as I want to focus on riding rather than other things. I like to have as high […]

  • Experimenting with Spherical photographs

    Experimenting with Spherical photographs

    I was in Spain with the Ricoh Theta S last week so I took the opportunity to experiment with the Ricoh Theta S in a number of locations. What I like about such a device is that it takes a click to get pictures. I experimented with a manfrotto monopod and a smaller monopod. The […]

  • Behind the Scenes: Record

    Behind the Scenes: Record from The Lincoln Motor Company on Vimeo. I love the idea of putting a small camera on an object and filming event from that perspective. The idea of putting a gopro on a record is an interesting one. With the size of technology today you’d expect this to be simple to […]

  • Sony Professional: NAB 2013 – Introducing the new PMW-400 camcorder

    Sony Professional: NAB 2013 – Introducing the new PMW-400 camcorder from Sony Professional Europe on Vimeo. Two minutes in to this video there is a demonstration of the wireless options available with the PMW range of cameras. While filming you have remote monitoring. You can also send the data to your servers for editing.

  • A nice streaming surprise

    The month is almost over and I’ve got fourty megabytes of streaming left to play with so I’m going to take advantage of that with my mobile phone. Since cities around Switzerland are covered by 3g you may find that I’m using Qik, Bambuser and Flixwagon to stream what I’m doing. Today I actually got […]

  • The youtube application on the N95

    For those of you with good data packages an application that could be a lot of fun is youtube on the n95. I was out and about and decided to check the youtube site and I was given the option to download their beta. I managed to play vides but I had no sound. What […]

  • The Nokia N95 and some fun to be had.

    Seesmic’ favourite phone at the moment appears to be the Nokia N95 and after months of thinking about whether to get the Iphone or the Nokia I turned to the Nokia because of everything it allows you to do. It’s a GPS, web streaming camera, time lapse camera, e-mail and web browser among other things. […]

  • Playing with HD some more

    Yesterday I was playing some more with the High definition camera and got a few more seconds of footage uploaded. Right click or control click to download the files and alt/option F to play them full screen. Leaves Castle Bird Waves Now I wih I had an HD monitor to view the footage properly. Look […]

  • Practice with the Canon XH A1

    With a screen resolution of 1920*1080 interlaced this is one of the higher resolution cameras currently on the market at the moment. It’s beautifuly designed for camera men rather than engineers (unlike the red). I already wrote about earlier.The light wasn’t so interesting but here are 11 seconds of footage. (92 megs) Right click to save the footage […]