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D-Day Film archives on Facebook

Yesterday D-Day Film Archives were shared on Facebook. These film archives were of landing crafts landing troops on the beaches, of battleships firing rocket salvos at the coast, of gliders being pulled by planes, of paratroopers getting and more. Over the years films have been preserved by transferring the footage from one film stock to… Read More »

A Nonverbal Autism Video Interview

I saw Horyou share a link to Speechless with Carly Fleischmann. This is a Nonverbal Autism Video Interview carried out via typed words on a tablet.  The text is read out electronically. The interview is warm and convivial. It stands out because it does not use a fast talking or energetic host. The interviewer does not talk, in the… Read More »

The Decelerators

The Decelerators from Mark Slutsky on Vimeo. An interesting look at life and the moment that people choose to remain in. They say that it’s about time, but for me it’s about a sentiment. It’s about life and how it continues and as everyone else reaches their stop we feel that we are left alone.… Read More »