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  • Garmin Etrex32x and Software Updates

    Garmin Etrex32x and Software Updates

    Updating software is something that we do every single day, often without knowing that it is being updated. WatchOS updated two or three days ago. iOS updated yesterday recently as well. The most notable was Xcode, because it requires several gigabytes of space or it fails to even try, if it detects that there is […]

  • On the Pleasure of Small Machines/Laptops

    For a while I had a mac book air and I used it for everything. I saw the mac book air as the machine to use for everything except for video editing. That’s what the mac book pro was for. Eventually I sold the Mac Book Air and then I took the MBP to an […]

  • Initial Thoughts on the DJI Mini SE

    Today I went for my first flight with the DJI Mini SE and it feels very familiar, after flying a spark so frequently, until I crashed that drone. I would have replaced the spark but I didn’t because it would either cost two thirds to replace the old one, or cost a lot to buy […]

  • Reading About The Camino De Santiago

    Over the last month or so I have been reading Le Camino Seule, ou enfin presque and it is one of my favourite hiking books. It might simply be because it was written in French, by a french woman rather than in English by Brits or Americans but it made me feel more than other […]

  • The Old Habit of Walking In The Rain

    The Old Habit of Walking In The Rain

    A Walk In The Rain Today it was meant to rain for the entire day but there was a brief window which it stopped raining so I went for a walk. I expected not to be rained on but within minutes I could feel a small spray of water falling on me. I walked anyway. […]

  • Initial Thoughts on the Crosscall Core-S4

    Not for FB or Twitter Today I started to play with the Crosscall Core-S4 and my impressions of it so far is that the Facebook and Twitter apps are not optimal for this device. They do not consider that with a small screen you should prioritise text over images. For those reasons I think that […]

  • Bits, Bytes and Barrels – A Review

    Through Booktasters I was able to read Bits, Bytes and Barrels, in exchange for an honest review. The book was available to read via Audible so this time I was able to walk, run and do other things whilst listening to the book. I listened to it from start to finish despite this being the […]

  • Empire Of The Deep and Brexit

    Empire Of The Deep and Brexit

    I am currently reading Empire of the Deep, The Rise and Fall of The British Navy and to read it within the context of Brexit is interesting. We already know that the British gave up on the Catholic Church because Henry the Viii wanted to change wives and the Pope said no. (I am oversimplifying […]

  • Playing With Grasshopper

    Playing With Grasshopper

    Grasshopper is a Google app to teach adults and children about Javascript. It provides people with short, easy to understand modules to get a grasshopper to do things. The curriculum is divided into seven modules. These are: Fundamentals Fundamentals II Intro to Interviewing Array Methods Animations Animations II Using a Code Editor Intro To Webpages […]

  • Playing with a Roomba

    While I was cat sitting I spent time playing with a Roomba. Most people set the roomba, and let it clean. I don’t. I watch it and I observe how it works, how it goes from place to place and how it navigates, and gets trapped, and procrastinates in one corner or part of an […]