Understanding Virtual Reality games via Youtube

Virtual Reality is still an abstract concept for people requiring either a Samsung mobile phone and their VR headset, a mobile phone and a VR headset from a third party provider or dedicated hardware like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Unless you’re in a big city testing this technology is impractical.

Vlogging is an effective way to understand the potential of Virtual Reality experiences such as those provided by the HTC Vive. I mention the HTC Vive system because it is one of the first to provide gamers with a fully immersive experience. You move around in space physically and pick up objects thanks to the controllers.

In contrast to written articles you see how people react and enjoy new technology in real time. You don’t rely on someone’s writing skills. It gives you a direct and honest appreciation of the experience that you will personally experience if you play the game with that setup.

Demonstrations such as this one are fun because they show you how immersive the game is and how physically demanding VR gaming can be. When my generation were gaming we had to sit at a console or computer and use a keyboard and mouse or a controller. We could sit for hours not moving much. With VR systems gaming is no longer an inactive activity. From now on you need space in a room to move around in, you need hand controllers and you need to stand, sit, crouch and more. Gaming is now a physical activity.

We are still in the infancy of VR gaming and technology will improve. We will get gloves, surfaces for walking and more. VR experiences will be progressively more immersive and so people’s occasionally negative perception of gaming and gamers may change. I look forward to VR gloves that allow us to see our fingers move and wrap around objects.


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