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  • A Camera Bike

    A Camera Bike

    Reading Time: < 1 minute In Spain I keep seeing the BKL Prolimp bikes and I like them. They’re tricycles rather than bikes but I think they could be useful. Instead of transporting a broadcast camera and tripod in a car or smart you could transport them on the back of this bike. Instead of…

  • A Quiet Pebble Beach

    A Quiet Pebble Beach

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  • The Warm Sun

    The Warm Sun

    Reading Time: < 1 minute The Garmin Instinct warmed up in the Spanish sun while charging.

  • A Walk To Los Molinos from Javea

    A Walk To Los Molinos from Javea

    Reading Time: 3 minutes This walk takes you from the Port of Javea up to the lighthouse near San Antonio before continuing along the top towards Los Molinos. These are old grain mills. They used wind power to grind grain for several centuries before being taken out of action as modernisation arrived. The walk takes…

  • Mediterranean Cats

    Mediterranean Cats

    Reading Time: < 1 minute When you walk by the sea you see Mediterranean cats. They like to stay on the rocks sometimes. These were by the sea in Denia, Spain.

  • Views of the Mediterranean

    Views of the Mediterranean

    Reading Time: 2 minutes With global warming the idea that we would get white Christmas, with snow, freezing weather and more is outdated. In the 21st century the opposite is true. We will probably get grey and rainy weather instead. If we stay in Switzerland. I used to love the idea of snowy Christmas, snowboarding…

  • A Christmas Swim

    A Christmas Swim

    Reading Time: < 1 minute The watch got to 92 days of battery life. I went for a swim in 15c water. it was just a pool swim.

  • Solar Watches and Spain

    Solar Watches and Spain

    Reading Time: 2 minutes One nuissance of most modern smart watches is that you must charge then once a day, once a week, or once a month. When you’re in Spain though, with a solar watch things change. At first you go from “26 days of battery remaining” to “36 days of battery remaining”, to…

  • Vue De Méditerranée

    Vue De Méditerranée

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  • Seaside walk

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