Month: November 2014

  • How I built a nuclear reactor at the age of 13 | Jamie Edwards | TEDxCERN

      A charismatic fourteen year old speaks about how he did some research, got some money approved and then ordered and built a nuclear fusion reactor in a classroom

  • Performance — the LHC remix | Tim Exile | TEDxCERN

    Taking sound samples from around CERN a flow machine was used to make music. It sounds like music you’d expect to hear at L’Usine in Geneva. It is interesting to see how the audience get up and start to dance.

  • On Film and Television

    I like that I can watch days of television series and that I can’t spend 90 minutes watching films. Television series are about people, places and situations and the characters are realistic. In contrast films are superficial, shallow and too full of special effects for a story to be told. The cinema loses out because […]

  • 10 Billion People for Dinner

    Having ten billion people to feed will have consequences.

  • The Weirdness of Water

    Every day I walk around with my TEDxCERN lanyard. TEDxCERN, for me, was an opportunity to listen to seventeen talks in one afternoon without being bored or distracted. Some people spoke well, others were charismatic and one or two were pitching rather than talking. That didn’t matter. I enjoyed the event and felt inspired. As […]

  • Start judo as young as you can.

      Learning judo is important. Some people choose to learn this martial art as soon as they can stand on two legs.

  • First Saturday in Lausanne

    First Saturday in Lausanne Now that we are between the via ferrata season and the snowboarding and scuba diving season a distraction is provided by gamers who like to use the physical world and mobile phones. Dear Ingress agents of Lausanne and elsewhere, The first Saturday of December (06/12/14), our city will participate in a […]

  • Burning Man 2013 – Beyond The Fire

    This is how edits are meant to be. hundreds of shots, lots of diversity and a good choice of music. You feel that the person shot a lot of material and spent quite a bit of time editing.

  • Village Photography

    On Google Plus, one of my muses, I saw that instead of Street photography someone suggested Village photography. I like the idea because villages are such an integral part of my life. Life in villages is a privileged one. Every time we go for a walk we cross people we do not know and say […]

  • A move away from centralised “social networks” and “social media”

    Facebook engagement has declined since farmville distracted people away from conversations and towards mindless interactions with games, the sharing of tabloid content and emotional posts. These changes have had an adverse effect on social networks and the way in which we engage with people. I have noted a shift away from individuals towards following “celebrities” […]