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  • The Free Twitter API Ends and The Twitter Silo Begins

    Social networks and social networks are based on people connecting with other people. Twitter is a glorified chatroom masquerading as a microblogging platform. As twitter shifts from being free, to being paying, it is losing it’s appeal. Fifteen years ago there was plenty of discussion about Social Media silos and the social graph, and discussion […]

  • Twitter’s Not For Me

    Twitter’s Not For Me

    Twitter has a new For You page inspired by TikTok’s For you page according to Quartz. Many years ago we had Seesmic, a video chat community where people could share video messages 24 hours a day. We even experimented with recording videos and sharing them by phone when this was still novel. Tik Tok has […]

  • Taking a Twitter Break

    Taking a Twitter Break

    For the first time since I took a Twitter break in 2007 I am taking another in 2023. The first time I took a twitter break I deleted my account but got asked to talk about Twitter for the RTS (TSR) back then so I went to my secondary account and started using twitter again. […]

  • Mastodon, Social Media and Addiction

    Mastodon, Social Media and Addiction

    I’d like to discuss Mastodon, Social Media and addiction. Specifically I would like to discuss how I do not want to invest my time in a social network where people are already discussing social media s if it is an addiction. We have seen that this has a negative impact on social networks. Look at […]

  • Limited Bandwidth and Twitter

    Limited Bandwidth and Twitter

    Let’s take a step back from today, and let’s remember the 2006 tech landscape. In 2006 we had Symbian phones, GPRS, text messages. We used the world wide web whilst sitting at computers usually via wifi. We would tweet until the moment we left home, and then we had to rely on SMS to keep […]

  • The Day of Snow Poles and Mastodon

    The Day of Snow Poles and Mastodon

    Today during the walk I saw an orange van moving by the side of the road slowly. It was stopping regularly. I crossed the road and looked towards it. I saw an open door and a person placing traffic snow poles into the bollards at the side of the road. Winter is coming and the […]

  • On Engagement and Leaving Social Media Platforms

    On Engagement and Leaving Social Media Platforms

    I used to like Facebook and Instagram because they were extensions of my social life. I left both of them when I saw that only two or three people reacted to my posts. Although social media platforms had started as being solitary, they had become social with time, and then lonely again, as time went […]

  • Twitter is Dead, Long Live Social Media

    Le Roi est Mort, longue vie au Roi (article) is a popular phrase in French. It signifies that if the king died royalty would continue and he would quickly be succeeded. Social media has just entered a new age, I believe. Twitter, Facebook and other giants have grown too big, and algorithms have destroyed the […]

  • Whether Or Not To Tweet

    Whether Or Not To Tweet

    Sometimes we have to ask whether or not to tweet. We have to ask this question because social media is seen by many, in common culture, as an addiction. Everything that is perceived negatively by society suffers, whether justifiably or not. The same is true of cyclists. In Switzerland there is an ad campaign that […]

  • On the Detrimental impact of Chain Letters on Social Networks

    On the Detrimental impact of Chain Letters on Social Networks

    In the 90s, people found it fun to share chain letters. At the time, this was something new to many of us, so we found them fun. We received and then passed them on, but over the volume of chain letters become a torrent of spam. The letter is fun the first time you see […]