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  • Uninspired to Write

    Uninspired to Write

    I know that I should be inspired to write, since this is the second day of the year. I am not. I watched Top Gun Maverick and it was better than I expected. I find this a curious film because it uses elements from the old film but all the characters are older and possibly […]

  • The Contrast Between French and Swiss News

    The Contrast Between French and Swiss News

    As I struggled to find a neutral topic to write about I noticed the distinct difference between how the French and the Swiss media are speaking about the fifth wave. The swiss say that it is “pre-occupying” and that it “has won the French speaking part of Switzerland” and “no long term impact on Swiss […]

  • Day 52 Of Self-Isolation in Switzerland – More Cows, and Cascading Style Sheets

    Day 52 Of Self-Isolation in Switzerland – More Cows, and Cascading Style Sheets

    While some of us have gone fifty-two days without being within two meters of another person due to the pandemic others walk side by side down country lanes, forcing those walking alone to make the decision of whether to risk infecting the vulnerable couple or stepping off the road and waiting under an electricity pylon […]

  • What I learned after three weeks with a cat

    What I learned after three weeks with a cat is that they’re easy to take care of. Cleaning up the litter tray takes seconds and providing them with food two to three times a day is simple. It’s also simple to keep them entertained. A ball of string on a string and a laser pointer […]

  • On the origins of OK

    If you’re a french speaker you will probably remember that scene from Les Visiteurs where they say “OK” over and over again. You might also remember it from films like “The Right Stuff” when they speak about things being a-ok. The history of the word dates back to the 1800s when people would say “all […]

  • Learning about Tiny Houses

    Learning about Tiny Houses is interesting. There are a number of features/documentaries online where people build their own tinyhouses either from shipping containers, trailers or other structures. The aim of these tinyhouses is to maximise space and reduce costs. Some of these homes are entirely off the grid. They collect rain water and solar panels […]

  • Great Britain and the Fourth Estate

    When I think of Great Britain I think of the BBC and I think of the Natural History Units. I also think of radio programs like In Our Time, From Our Own Correspondent and Hard Talk. I also think of BBC World and the quality of their news coverage. I mention these current affairs programs because […]

  • Thoughts on British European Identity

    For several weeks or even months I was afraid that the EU Referendum, BREXIT, would result in a bad outcome. On Thursday the British people went to vote. On Thursday night I was watching. When I saw Gibraltar vote to stay in the EU I relaxed enough to manage sleep. On Friday Morning British people around […]

  • The Daily Show – Trevor Reacts to the Orlando Shooting

    I have been watching The Daily Show with Trevor Noah for a while now and I like the insight and analysis that his shows provide to current affairs programs. I like his shows because he provides a different perspective than other news. He is a South African who moved to the US and work on […]

  • Pay-to-win Futility.

    Several years ago a friend told me about Clash of Clans and I began to play the game. The game is an enjoyable distraction for when you have a minute or two three. You perform a few actions and then you get on with your other tasks. When you play for free patience is an […]