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  • Feeding the Seagulls

    Feeding the Seagulls

    A woman feeding seagulls by the sea.

  • Feeding the Seagulls

    A woman feeding seagulls by the sea.

  • Twitter: The Rise of the Personal Question That Isn’t

    Recently I have noticed individuals tweeting as if they were people, asking questions and getting 120 or more comments. They ask a question like “What was your first OS” or “What is your current setup” or other questions. These are generic questions that everyone has an answer to, so everyone answers to them. Those answering […]

  • A Vaccination and A New Car

    I haven’t written about the Pandemic in many weeks, because not much has changed. We’re in it for the long haul. Until the vaccine I believed and hoped that governments would attempt to get to zero new community transmissions as had been the goal in New Zealand. With the arrival of the vaccine that hope […]

  • The Year-Old Pandemic

    Thanks to the incompetence of leadership during this pandemic Switzerland went from a low of 21 cases per day in June 2021 to a high of 3600 or more over Christmas. This is really a shame. For a short period up to the 21st of June Switzerland really looked as if it would end the […]

  • Looking Back In Time

    Looking Back In Time

    For a few days now I’ve been looking through thousands of pictures to make sure that they’re synced from iCloud to the Photo app before they’re deleted. In so doing I noticed how far in front of a group I was hiking a few years ago. Instead of hiking with the group I was so […]

  • City Cat Sitting.

    City Cat Sitting.

    For the first time in my life I am cat sitting. I’m used to village cats and this is a city cat so I don’t know how much time I need to spend with the cat, how much I need to play and more. When I look after toddlers I know that I have to […]

  • Spring and summer are playing with us

    Spring and summer are playing with us

    Spring and Summer are playing with us. A few weeks ago it was warm and sunny. It felt as if summer was finally here and that we could start planning outdoor activities that don’t require enormous amounts of fossil fuels, like skiing and snowboarding do. 😉 We had the rain and the cold and when […]

  • The Moléson VF with the Narrative Clip 2

    The Moléson VF with the Narrative Clip 2

    The Narrative Clip 2 is a specialist camera that can be programmed to take photos at regular intervals whilst you enjoy activities. This is sometimes referred to as life logging. The idea is that you wear the camera either on clothing or place it somewhere where it can capture the passage of time. For this […]

  • Social Media and The Human Return on Investment

    Social Media and the Human Return on Investment, because contrary to popular belief we use social networks to socialise, not to shop. As we grow older and more mature our close network of friends changes and evolves. We go from school friends to university friends and then to professional friends. In the process we move […]