First Saturday in Lausanne

First Saturday in Lausanne

Now that we are between the via ferrata season and the snowboarding and scuba diving season a distraction is provided by gamers who like to use the physical world and mobile phones.
Dear Ingress agents of Lausanne and elsewhere,

The first Saturday of December (06/12/14), our city will participate in a special Niantic event named #IngressFS ( Meetings, fun and competition will be there !

Schedule of the day:

10:00 AM : Cross-Faction Coffee / Croissants at Qwerz bar. Meeting between the players, advices and help to the new players, sharing experiences and explanations for the rest of the day.

12:00 AM : Start of the Level-Up Bootcamp event. AP of players will be registered and the teams will be formed (experienced players with new agents). Note that the Visur Game Mechanic system will reward most handsomely low levels agents.

2:00 PM – ? : End of the Level-Up Bootcamp event. Back at the meeting point (Qwertz bar), the AP gained will be recorded and prizes will be given.

Then : beers, beergress & other activities / surprises for you.
For those who also want to eat together at the evening, we created a separate event which you need to register if you want to come :

Lausanne was selected by Niantic as the main city for the event #IngressFS December 6, so we should receive kits First Saturday (IFSK-100) you distribute: / Ai7yxoCpq2L ! Agents of all levels are encouraged to participate to have a good day between Ingress players.

Please fill the following form for the organization of the levelup (we will contact the low levels some days before the event to know their new level) :

Additionals informations concerning the organization will be provided here. Thank you to register if you would like to participate, so that we could have the best organization possible.

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