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  • A continued Interest in 360 Videos

    A continued Interest in 360 Videos

    A few weeks ago I was at the Geneva International Film Festival in Geneva as a volunteer so I got to play and experience new 360 experiences and some of these were interested because we could move around in space whilst others were interesting because of their length. A few years ago people thought that […]

  • Sea of Tranquility – Snorkeling VR by Pierre Friquet

    Sea of Tranquility – Snorkeling VR by Pierre Friquet

    During the World XR Forum this year in Crans Montana I helped Pierre Friquet with his Sea of Tranquility VR Experience. This VR experience was unique in that it required you to be either in your swimming clothes, your underwear or other. This was a VR experience where you went from being outside where the […]

  • Experimenting with Spherical photographs

    Experimenting with Spherical photographs

    I was in Spain with the Ricoh Theta S last week so I took the opportunity to experiment with the Ricoh Theta S in a number of locations. What I like about such a device is that it takes a click to get pictures. I experimented with a manfrotto monopod and a smaller monopod. The […]

  • The Immersive Video Experience

    The Immersive Video Experience

      I was at the World Virtual Reality Forum in Crans Montana this weekend as a volunteer. During this time I was able to try many of the demonstrations and get a real feel for the potential of 360° and immersive videos. I was also able to listen to people comment on what they appreciated about […]

  • Video Editing in a virtual Reality environment

    A few years ago I said that I would upgrade my mac book pro when apple came out with a dual display laptop where the keyboard is a touchscreen display that changes to suit the application in use. Two days ago I had a change of heart. I do not expect Apple to come out […]