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A continued Interest in 360 Videos

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A few weeks ago I was at the Geneva International Film Festival in Geneva as a volunteer so I got to play and experience new 360 experiences and some of these were interested because we could move around in space whilst others were interesting because of their length.

A few years ago people thought that 15-20 minutes was long for content but during the GIFF it became apparent that content is now 30 or more minutes long so another wall has come down. People can now experience immersive VR Goggle experiences for extended periods of time and this opens quite a few new doors.

It also changed how I see 360 videos. If a film festival can present immersive video experiences that last half an hour to people coming off the street then the quality of the experience has progressed. It means that 360 video content, and people who want to view it are jumping into the mainstream.

Yesterday I was at a film rehearsal and brought an old 360 camera to film. You can see the director directing the actors, the lights and more as an immersive experience. This morning I watched, to see how it felt and it was good.

Today I experimented with a 5.7K 360 video device and the image quality is much nicer than with previous devices I used. I feel that we are finally getting to see interesting image quality.

One of the reasons I had cooled down to 360 videos is that I had tried a few options and been filled with hope only to have it dashed at playback in VR goggles. Today this issue is resolved. Cameras provide us with the quality that we want and expect.