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  • Rollerblading in 2022

    A few days ago I saw someone rollerblading along one of the local paths so it got me to think about this sport that we have forgotten about other the years. 20 years ago we used to rollerskate and rollerblade before discovering easier to do sports that didn’t require carrying a large bag and spare […]

  • Cycling From Nyon To the Signal De Bougy and Back

    Cycling From Nyon To the Signal De Bougy and Back

    Yesterday I looked at the wind, and when I saw that it was coming from the east I decided to cycle into it, for the outward journey, and back, with it, on the journey back. Originally my plan was to cycle to Rolle and to turn around but the plan changed. I was cycling and […]

  • A Return to Cycling

    A Return to Cycling

    For three years I did not cycle. For one year it was because I broke my arm while cycling, The second year it was because we were in the first wave of this never-ending pandemic so I preferred not to stray too far from home. The third year it was because the pandemic was still […]

  • Spring Cycling

    Spring Cycling

    The weather is relatively cold but the sun is out so the time for spring cycling has come. Spring cycling is like other forms of cycling, but you want to dress warm enough to be comfortable, but not so warm as to overheat. You also want to find routes that are short enough so that […]

  • The Arches

    The Arches

    If you are looking for a sport easy walk with a little scrambling, walk to the rock arches. Two holes have been eroded into the rock providing two natural arches. You can walk up to both arches but it’s better to go on a quiet day. This place is not a good place for big […]

  • European Walks and Bike Rides

    European Walks and Bike Rides

    Today during my walk I noticed a sticker on a sign for EuroVé I don’t know how new the project is but I had not paid attention to the URL before. I like the idea of a European Network of Cycling Routes. I don’t need to capitalise these words. I just did, for some reason. […]

  • Solitary Bike Rides

    Solitary Bike Rides

    Two weeks ago, it looked as though next summer we could be out of the pandemic. This weekend, it looks as though the pandemic will never end. Every single time Europe looks as if it has a chance of ending the pandemic, it breaks for either Christmas or the Summer holiday. Every single time Switzerland […]

  • The French Landscape Program – The Tour de France

    The French Landscape Program – The Tour de France

    I like to speak of the Tour de France as the French landscape program. I watch the cycling, not because I care about the cycling but because I like to see the landscapes, the castles, the panoramas, and more. It’s a way of getting travel ideas. Of course I do sometimes like watching the cycling. […]

  • The Storm Missed Me by Five Minutes

    The Storm Missed Me by Five Minutes

    Today I saw that they were expecting a storm and I was really looking forward to a sudden downpour, lightning and more. I also thought that it would trap me at home and that I’d have a day without walking or cycling. In the end I saw that the doppler radar no longer expected any […]

  • From Arnex to the Signal De Bougy and Back

    From Arnex to the Signal De Bougy and Back

    Cycling from Arnex to the Signal de Bougy and back is a nice ride that takes you along the lake through the lower part of Nyon, Gland towards Rolle, and from Rolle up towards Perroy, Aubonne, Pizy, The Signal de bougy and back down on the other side. This route can be ridden both ways. […]