CCTV, Two Exhibits, one town crier and of course John Bull

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England is a CCTV nation with more cameras per capita than any other nation. As a result there is great interest from people like Christian of and Our Man Inside and John Perivolaris. Both of them are working on CCTV related pieces.

At Parliament Square Christian demonstrated his great ability to talk with anyone he meets. Two characters we met whilst at Parliament square were the London Town crier and John Bull from Birmingham. The London town crier has some interesting stories to tell should you desire to hear them. John Bull wears an image of the Queen on his left side and a picture of Winston Churchill on his right. He often comes down to London to protest about a number of topics.

As if that wasn’t enough a stop was made at London’s Photographer’s Gallery where there’s Taryn Simon’s exhibit for restricted places. It’s free so if you have the time you might as well drop by there.

To top off the day there is an exhibit starting in London very soon showing Giuseppe Di Bella’s stamps. Those are well known because they are referred to as the “Abu Ghraib Series”. The concept is simple enough. Print some stamps and mail them to people around the world and get the official seals. You can find a more complete explanation here if you desire.






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