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  • 4K video and mobile phones

    In December I filmed some events at a staff party in 4K and never did anything with that footage because it was a private event. Two or three days ago I went to Geneva with the Sony Xperia Z3 compact and filmed some street scenes as well as the locks closing and transferring a small […]

  • Of live video streams and Paleo

    I really enjoyed what Nicholas of K had to say in the interview we did last night for He spoke about projects and how we can achieve anything we want as long as our mind is in the right place. I’ll let you know when that interview is online. This year Paleo has been […]

  • I’m up to a measly 30,000 tweets over a year and four months

    Today I got to 30,000 tweets, a very nice number. There was a time when I seesmiced 5700 times in one month. Recently it’s been about 700 for last month.

  • A nice streaming surprise

    The month is almost over and I’ve got fourty megabytes of streaming left to play with so I’m going to take advantage of that with my mobile phone. Since cities around Switzerland are covered by 3g you may find that I’m using Qik, Bambuser and Flixwagon to stream what I’m doing. Today I actually got […]

  • I’m going to play with Flixwagon

    Because three or four, I’ve lost track of how many, live streaming applications for the phone aren’t enough i’ve started to play with flixwagon as well. So far it’s taking some getting used to but I hope that by tomorrow I’ll have learned more. It’s still an alpha and only works with select phones. I […]

  • Quotably following Conversations on twitter

    Quotably is a new service that allows you to easily follow people’s conversations by typing in their username. It displays the most recent conversations and shows the original post as well as the discussions that have occured as a result. It appears to work by taking the most recent @ reply from one person to […]

  • Sports tracker on the N95

    It’s fun to walk fast and far, especially in the countryside where there are fewer people to avoid. I often walk for fourty minutes to an hour at the end of the day to think about the day and process all that’s happened. Recently though I realised one of the shorter walks is almost 3000 […]

  • Did I mention I’m up to twenty thousand tweets

    Did I mention that I got all the way up to twenty thousand tweets last night? I’m officially a very heavy user of twitter and many people celebrated the event with me in true twitter style. They @ed me. It’s not everyday you get to that number. I also seesmiced a few thoughts about twitter […]

  • Valentine’s – a social media perspective

    Valentine’s day is a day both dreaded and feared by most for two reasons, as a couple because of the pressure you’re under and as a single because you’re single. In the social media though it can be one of the most amusing times. My social media valentine consisted in two parts. The first on […]

  • Yahoo live

    Yahoo live is an interesting live video conferencing tool still in it’s early days. It allows you to stream video live from your webcam and watch up to four other streams at the same time. There’s a chatroom and you can see all the participants at once and select which ones you want in vision […]