Why I don’t care about the iphone anymore

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Had it not been for the ipod touch I would still care about the Iphone and I’d be down at regent street now with the geeks waiting for the device to be released into the wild. As things are not only can I not afford the device but more than anything else I found it large, clunky and uncomfortable in contrast to the touch.

Would you really want to get a phone you can’t use for typing notes in conferences or lectures? Do you want to have your mp3 player and phone to die at the same time? I don’t think that’s a good option. I’m happy with my phone contract. Having 3200 minutes is more than enough for a person like me. The Iphone contract has just 200. Nothing worth getting excited about.

When you consider the 18 month contract this seems a little stupid because free wifi is currently increasing across the country and with an 02 bolt on for £7 a month you get unlimited data (withn limits) whilst keeping the minutes you have at the moment.

I’m looking forward to the next generation of iphones but at the moment I’m left cold.

I’m sorry not to get excited about the iphone. Apple will just have to try harder to get me to want one.







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    It seems that the iPhone is very different there in terms of service contracts. My service contract includes 900 ‘daytime’ minutes, but is a two year contract. Data and texting is included. It’s about 90USD/month after taxes and all.

    I would honestly rather have one device to charge than 2-3 devices (PDA, MP3 player, and phone). Being able to charge over USB (which most other devices don’t) is another major plus. My Treo needed a USB cable to sync and a DC cable to charge. Bother were larger than the iPhone usb cable, and it was only USB 1.

    The keyboard is more than able for typing. I can’t type while driving anymore, but 1) I no longer drive in Boston and 2) That sounds like a safety feature to me. I don’t think I’m really any slower on this than I was on my Treo 650. Neither could really be used well with gloves (treo due to inaccuracy, the iphone due to the screen). Someone needs to make gloves with fake skin on the fingertips for iphone typing.

    The iPod Touch is a nice alternative. I’m waiting for someone to crack a VoIP/SIP phone onto it.

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