Category: London

  • People appreciate video of an event for the second time

    A few months ago I filmed the Silent Disco in Paddington station, one of London’s main train stations. As a result of the coverage of the event many people were happy to see it. With the footage I have recently filmed of the events that took place on the 6th of October I am once […]

  • John Fisher Burns at the frontline Club

    A few days ago I went to listen to John Fisher Burns, longest serving Western Journalist in Iraq at the frontline club in London. The talk was both informative and interesting. I enjoyed being surrounded by people who knew from personal experience what the situation is in that country. if you’d like to see what […]

  • Twitter IRL

    Last night I went to the London twitter meetup and enjoyed the event. I’m used to going out and hearing people talk about music and other things but here is a community that was talking about technology and internet-based activities. Sizemore and Trusted Places organised the event which took place at the Ishtar restaurant. As […]

  • An Energetic Walk Through London

    Today is a day of rest for me. I caught the tube into central London and went for a nice hour long walk through the center of London. Starting from Oxford tube station I walked through the throngs of people, dodging them and trying to fray the quickest path through them as possible without having […]