The Seesmic Dinner

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Last night I had the good fortune of attending the social media dinner at the Coach and horse in London. It was yet another opportunity to meet people like Lloyd, Sizemore, Phil Campbell, Deek, Rupert Howe, Jess and many other seesmic participants. It was also my opportunity to meet some new people.

I met Vinvin and Johann from Seesmic for example. They’re part of the Seesmic team in San Francisco. Loic Lemeur arrived a little later so it was great to meet him to. It’s not everyday (well actually it’s almost everyday) that you meet CEOs of startups.

It was also Phil Campbell’s birthday so that added a little something to the party. He presented a new method by which to use eesmic which looks interesting although at this moment in time it is more proof of concept and I’ll wait until it’s developed further before discussing it in depth.

I was able to try out the Nokia N95 layout and user interface for seesmic on that night. Loic lent me his phone and I was able to record and post one seesmic post. So far I still think it’s a little slow so i prefer to use the web interface.

I got to meet the charming Kittenfluff (unless it’s an imposter as is alleged in a seesmic video from the early hours of this morning;-)) and had a nice time chatting with her and playing around with two laptops, two seesmic accounts and a little seesmic camera pingpong. I also got an exclusive interview about some mysterious january flies and why the London light is the paper of choice to use as a fly swatter
There’s a great picture of me taken by Thayer

Warzabidul on Seesmic

Take note that There’s seesmicAIR and Seesmic being used in this shot.

Two speeches were made, one by Loic Lemeur and the other by Gapingvoid (Pardon the poor sound quality.)

There’s one of Sizemore’s videos too.

Fooz, Giagia, Jason Jarrett and two or three others were present but I did not get to interact with them as personally for this event.

This is a fun group of people are fun to interact with and I’m happy I went to the event. i hope to have many more to look forward to.


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  1. Gia avatar

    Oi! I sat across the table from you for the whole end of the evening! We ‘interacted’… sheesh. 😉

  2. Phil Campbell avatar

    LOL. You tell him! 🙂 – nah great writeup richard.

    Sorry never got to talk Gia. Maybe at a future one?


  3. richard avatar

    There should be another event at the beginning of February so that Kosso can join. I’ve also heard from Fred2baro that the French may have one simultaneously in Paris. Could be interesting.

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