Month: July 2016

  • A Rock Crawler and Wildlife Film Making

    When Gordon Buchanan was following bears in the United States we watched the resulting documentaries on television. We have seen him a number of times in episodes of countryfile as well. Now he is working on getting footage of wolves in the wild. For this project he is staying out in the wild and following […]

  • Cycling to Geneva and back

    Cycling to Geneva and back

    Cycling to Geneva and back is a relatively short route. It is a 60km round trip. Two things make this ride more challenging. The first is the wind if it is blowing against you and the second is the need to cycle uphill. This is true of all cycling in this part of Switzerland. You have […]

  • The Moléson VF with the Narrative Clip 2

    The Moléson VF with the Narrative Clip 2

    The Narrative Clip 2 is a specialist camera that can be programmed to take photos at regular intervals whilst you enjoy activities. This is sometimes referred to as life logging. The idea is that you wear the camera either on clothing or place it somewhere where it can capture the passage of time. For this […]

  • “Why We Voted leave: Voices from Northern England

    This short video provides us with voices from Northern England. We hear about the closures and about the strikes that took place decades ago. We hear superficially about migration but the key message is that the North feels abandoned by the South. The North has been fed the message that austerity is the fault of […]

  • Post-fact Britain

    I was in the graduating class of 2000 with 99 other students representing more than one hundred countries. As an individual I already have three nationalities and four identities. I am British, Italian, Polish and a foreigner living near Geneva, Switzerland. As a result of this mixture I said, when I was in Tanzania in […]

  • Google Local Guides and I

    Google Local Guides and I

    Google Local Guides and I are mutually beneficial. I love to go up to the mountains and document their beauty and Google Local Guides needs images and reviews. I have been sharing images with Google Services for several years but it Google Local Guides is relatively recent. When I was added to the program they […]

  • Discussing News on Facebook

    Discussing News on Facebook is not as interesting as it is on Google Plus. On Facebook publishers and friends tend to share and promote clickbait rather than articles that they have actively looked for and read. Google+ in contrast is a place where people surf the web reading news stories and when they find a […]

  • Via Ferrata with Climbing Shoes

    Via Ferrata with Climbing Shoes

    Today I tried a Via Ferrata with Climbing shoes. With a group we went to the Moléson which you see in the picture below. This mountain stands in the middle and has fantastic views on to Neuchatel, the Lac Leman, Bulle and more. The drawback is that this mountain is often in cloud due to […]

  • 360 photos of Via Ferrata

    360 photos of Via Ferrata

    Yesterday I was up above Leysin climbing the Tour D’Aï via Ferrata. It was an opportunity for me to take 360 photos of Via Ferrata. The beauty of panoramic pictures is that they provide you 360° of vision both vertically and horizontally. It means that you can get a sense of size and scale. You […]